south bend christmas 2

back home, ledger digs into the new gifts!
as one would expect, he seems to have just as much fun with the box as he does with the toys!
he told us that he is a turtle in his shell.  of course you are, ledger.
turtle! turtle!
playing with his new playset!

south bend christmas 1

everyone gathered in the living room getting ready for the gift giving!
barbara showing ledger how to work his new prize while tavish sneaks a peek at the next gift to give.
the guys just sit back and watch as the boys go crazy for their new toys!
ledger got an awesome mickey mouse clubhouse playset from his grandma and grandpa!
he was so thrilled he had to make a couple rounds of the living room just to get out his excitement!
with all the gifts open, we survey the bounty!

say cheese!

the photo shoot was in a really old building on the west side of grand rapids.  i had never been to the area before, but the building itself was really cool!  as photos were being taken the rest of us would just chill out and wait for our turn.
well, except for ledger- i don't think he knows what 'chilling out' even means!  a bundle of energy!
timmy takes a peek outside as we wait for our turn.
a photo of miyuki and her father as her husband watches.
oh boy, did ledger crash when we got home!  what an exhausted boy!

gifts galore 2

jaidey giving miyuki's family another gift to open.
the girls opening up the gift we got them: a whole bunch of fun craft supplies!
papa rockin' out the foot massager we gave as part of the white elephant gift.
chad excited about getting a comfy new shirt from jill.
ledger super excited to get a teenage mutant ninja turtle from his uncle chad!
though he may have been thrilled with the teenage mutant ninja turtle chad got him, he seemed to be even more excited about the box it came in!  he proceeded to play with the box for several days after!
the kids showing off their new christmas jammies they got from mema!
the next morning the girls got some use out of the craft supplies we got them.  (please note in the background: ledger has an awesome gift from mema and papa, but he's more interested in an empty box...)

gifts galore 1

jaidey played the role of gift giver for the night.  she picked out different gifts and brought them to the recipient.  she was our own little christmas elf!
help!  the christmas elf is getting too close to the camera!
aunt miyuki showing ledger how to play with his new toys!

tearing into his next present!
all the kids opening up their gifts at once.

christmas dinner 2

hanging out before christmas dinner, a chance to talk and catch up.
miyuki's family.  they weren't able to speak english, but had a really fun time just being a part of the festivities!
the adults did a sort of white elephant gift, we played a strange game my mom picked that resulted in us mixing up the gifts a bunch of times and resulted in a lot of confusion- but was even more fun because of it!
ledger wanted in on the gift action, so he decided that he would be a gift- and mema had to open him!

christmas dinner 1

an amazing and delicious assortment of appetizers and goodies to enjoy before the meal.
a beautiful table and fun colorful place settings for everyone!
before the meal, as we enjoyed the appetizers, jaidey played for us a christmas tune on her violin!
she then played a song for us on the piano as well.
we even goaded jackson into playing a song for us as well!
not to be left out, ledger hopped on the piano and plunked out a 'song' as well!

stayin' with my sis

the girls were so excited to have ledger stay that they made him a card!  he loved it- almost as much as he loved their toys...
ledger was not too eager to take a nap, so diana went to extreme measures to get him to take a nap- she joined him!  i'm pretty sure she didn't mind at all...
jaidey practicing her violin so she could play a beautiful song for us on christmas when everyone was over.

candy crafts

a whole bunch of candy that the kids didn't want to eat (huh?!?)
my finished candy snowman.
i send a picture of the candy snowman to diana and she showed ledger- he was beside himself with excitement and wanted to know when he could see it!  when they finally came back and he got to see it he was so thrilled- and then ate it!

random ledge 42

building a super tall tower!
knocking over that super tall tower...
where did ledger go?  i thought i saw him around here somewhere...
enjoying his new playroom!
reading with mama!
going for a walk on an unseasonably warm day in december.
playing with the family sunday afternoon.
a line of mirco machines making their way to the playset.
he always wants me to take pictures of him, but wants to see it before i've even take one!  sorry buddy, you have to wait till its been taken.
watching tv, using mema's feet as a pillow...