more sandy pines pics

playing in the rocks with mema
'hi bear!'
ledger checking out the kids play area at sandy pines.
taking a quick nap sunday afternoon with dada.
walking to the chapel for church with the family!

labor day fever

monday morning nobody felt like getting ready...
as you can see, when baby aint feeling well, nobody's feelin well!  (dont worry, i got permission from diana for this picture...)
our sick exhausted boy couldnt even muster up much energy to say 'bye bye' to mema...
we loaded him in the car and he was already snoring by the time the door shut!

ice cream and rc cars

papa wondering around with ledger by the beach.
papa gives ledger a better view of the situation...
three generations of brinks.  at least one of us isnt grey...
papa was continually impressed with the flips and spills that the r.c. cars would make.  oh, ledger was impressed too...
big smiles all around!  a proud daddy, and a proud papa!
not quite sure what this lean was all about...

labor day potluck

ledger was loving all the people and attention!  this is one of the rare moments that afternoon where there wasnt a bunch of people picking him up or playing with him!
as the potluck was winding down, ledger decided to go shirtless- showing off them guns!  and totally enjoyed the chance for his cousin to push him around for a while!

around mema and papa's house

he was so thrilled to big in a big boy chair!
we went up and raided the toy room- ledger loved to look around and check out all the toys- even the baby crib!
what did you find?  just a few empty cups and tuperware.  he can make anything into a toy!
playing 'prison break'!

random ledge 25

playing in his tent- the one room he can have all to himself!
he climbed up and had a seat like a big boy!
trying on grandma's hat!
taking a little nap with dada.
catching up on his reading- this one is a real page turner!