bush 3

all in all, the three of us had an absolute blast!

bush 2

jeffry lee rockin' out!
an all girl band called 'the dead deads' opened up for them.  they wore face paint.  it was kinda dumb.
then it was time for the main show: bush!
gavin rocking out!
jeffry lee is having a great time!

bush 1

we met up at jons, so it was fun to see his lil penny again- its been a while!
hanging out at best buy across the street instead of waiting in line.
we finally joined the line as soon as we saw it start moving.
heading into the showroom, wandering around a little, checking the place out.  i had only been to the orbit room once before, so it was cool to go again.
somebody got their party on a little too early...  we had only been in the venue for about 10 minutes when i saw a woman passed out in the corner missing a shoe...  security soon came and escorted her and her out sans shoe.

grand day out

having fun on the carousel at chucks!
dancing and playing with chuck!

ledge's favorite game, as is true of everyone else who has ever been to chuck e cheeses, is skeeball!
before we left, he needed one last ride on the jeep!

putting up pictures

it looks really great up on the wall!  we put them all in the hallway across from the bathroom.  unfortunately that is also where the thermostat is... so we had to improvise!

fun 4th 2

my girl sure is cute!
having fun with sparklers!
now that's a happy boy!
ledge is always amazed at the fireworks- he had so much fun watching them and loved the glow-in-the-dark necklace he got from a friend!

fun 4th 1

walking the flea market with mema.
stopping to pose because why not, right?
waiting for the parade to start, ledger plays a game or two with all the other kids.

tammy's wedding

tammy, being given away by their two sons.
a beautiful ceremony- the weather couldn't have been better!


setting up the letters as bots.
finding new places to set them up and transform them!
he really wanted me to take a picture of this one so he could flip back and forth and see it transformed as the letter and the bot.
he spent five minutes going back and forth on these two pictures, so pleased with how it changed!

random ledge 56

ledge putting on a show, so he needed an audience!
nothing strange here, just one of the mannequins...
buiding a lego house for his favorite toys.
just a bunch of stuffed animals!
what a cozy bed!
swimming with his auntie!
playing with his wind-ups on the trampoline!
having some silly fun with his fruit snacks!

cool tools

having fun with paint!
the finished project.
looking great!