the big oh three 2

opening his birthday gifts- a cool new transformer!
chattin' it up with his cousins.
so thankful for his new birthday prizes!
his special 3rd birthday caterpillar cake.
longingly looking at his cake!
chow down time!
playing with one of his new toys with mama.

the big oh three 1

we had been telling him for months that he was going to have to get rid of his binky when he turned three.  we would tell him that when he was three he wouldn't be a baby anymore, so he would have to give his binkys to the babies who needed them.  he was always a bit apprehensive about that idea, but knew that it was what the babies needed, so he was willing to do it.  sometimes he would ask which babies were going to get his binkys and if he could go and visit them...  come on kid, you're making this ruse hard to maintain...!
well, now that the day was finally here, we pulled out the special binky bag and went around the house collecting the different binkys we found.  all of them were put into the bag.
ledger then proudly carried the bag around, showing everyone what a big boy he was, willing to give up all his binkys for the needy babies!  the binky bag was then put on the front porch for the binky fairy to take.  we informed him that the binky fairy would sometimes leave a gift for big boys that gave up all their binkys.  after the bag was on the front step, i waited until he was distracted, and then slipped away into the garage and took care of things.  when he asked again about the binky fairy we opened the front door and saw a huge gift wrapped box!  he was beside himself with excitement!  we brought it in and he unwrapped it.  he had gotten a cool new electronic drum kit from the binky fairy!  he immediately wanted to set it up and jam!  maybe giving away his binkys wasn't such a bad idea after all!
chatting with jaidey.
aves made a special sign for his chair- which he couldn't read, but was really excited about anyway!
dinner time!