random ledge 28

last time we visited mema and papa, ledger noticed their tree decoration in the corner.  mema surprised him by showing him that its covered in lights- he was amazed and captivated by the lights- 'pretty!'
the boy in stripes pounding down his tasty water!
on one of our many trips to meijer, ledger and i wandered around the pet department.  he loved checking out the fish!
no trip to meijer is complete without a ride on sandy, the penny pony!
watching tv, father and son.
drawing with mama!
falling asleep on aunty barbara.

chad's surprise visit

playing with uncle chad!
enjoying a feast as a family.
a rare and welcome sight- chad with the family for sunday dinner!
hanging out after dinner with the kids.
jaidey loves to make crafts- she learned how to make a few more varieties by watching an instructional video on mema's ipad!
picture time!  mema wanted to get a picture of chad with all the kids.
chad drove up on his motorcycle, so he got all his gear back on and headed out.  ledger thought it was so cool when chad put his helmet on!

halloween party: adults only

my wife, the hot pirate!
where's waldo?
one of the games was a murder mystery- looks like rob died!

halloween party: kids

after the first donut fell, rob gave him a little bite to entice him to keep trying- it worked!
tying up the second donut.
yum yum yum!
there were a few toys in the garage for him to play with- so he did!
he really loved the ring game and actually seemed to understand how to do it...
well, kind of...

halloween commando

to help finish the look, diana put a little green and black face paint on ledger!
he's ready to go and defend our country on the front lines...
the front lines of candy!

photo dump 3

the whole family looking cute!
ooh, a nightlight!
just lounging around reading.
'hold on, grandpa, i've got to take this...'
one of the last times ledger got to use his bottle.
enjoying the slide at grandpas!
you know, just kickin' it...
what a loving mama!
i guess bert needs to take some medicine too...
reading with bella.
can you believe it?!?
watching a little tv...
playing at the park.

photo dump 2

what a yummy giraffe!
he would always stick out his tongue!
male bonding time.
who is that baby in the mirror?
absolutely beautiful!
fun on the swing!
play time- sitting up like a big boy!
getting some good tummy time.
bath at memas!
oh so sleepy.
giggling away!
out shopping with mama and dada.
goofy hair!
now that's a goofy face!