random ledge 32

watchin' tv with doggy. contentment.
james and barbara stopped by and james had made a special orange treat for ledger!  he was a big fan, chowing down on it!  thanks again, james!
playin' with daddy's hat!
talking on skype with his cousin, liam!
yes, our son is in fact playing with his diaper box.  yes, this did last about 2 hours.  yes, it was hilarious!
ledger is a no-shirt cowboy- swoon ladies!
i was so excited that ledger finally fit into his teenage mutant ninja turtles pajamas that i needed to take a picture of it!

cousins play

lunch time for the cousins.
about the only time he would fall asleep without crying was with grandma on the couch!
here he is mad that the tv is on.  or he's mad that we turned off the tv.  i cant remember, he was mad about both of them within about a 5 second span.
chowing down!
hanging out with grandpa.
he liked the elmo slippers.  and then he didnt.
ah, a moment of peace while the boys (and grandma) watch a little mickey mouse!

lets go to the mall! 2

romping around in the car!
now that's a happy liam!
ledger, just chillin in the tube.
aw, i almost got a shot of them holding hands!  we were just about to the door when ledger pulled his hand out to walk out.  it was so cute though!

lets go to the mall! 1

we stopped at macdonalds first so the boys could get something to eat.
he looks so big chomping off that big ol' hamburger!
cousins on a rocket ship!
taking the moo cow for a little ride.

cabin pics

aaron and jon kickin' it at ruby tuesdays!
jon, all geared up for the outdoors.  for some reason he totally reminds me of mal from firefly in this picture...
aaron, showing off his camo fashion- what an amazing vest, huh?
jeffry lee and jon were obsessed with trying to make a works bomb while we were up there.  'yeah, its going to be so cool, all you need is a 2 liter bottle, 'the works' bathroom stuff, and tinfoil!'.  they kept trying, even picking up different cleaners from the grocery store while we were up there, but they just could not get it to work!  i think they tried it 6 or 7 times!
ah what fun.  it was a smaller crowd, but just as much fun as always!