man's best friend 3

peaking up over the blanket- oh so cute!
sleeping in the blanket, always giving the illusion that he's an angel- folded paws and all!
sleeping on my lap.
'what's this thing?' *sniff sniff*

man's best friend 2

he spends most of his day in the blanket on the couch. just laying on it isnt enough, he actually digs inside it and pulls it up over himself. then, after a while, he pokes his little head out to see whats going on.
just chillin. he always likes to steal my seat if i get up.
i took him with me to burger king to get dinner. he went crazy when i got the food in the car- he loves french fries!
playing with his little bear toy, trying to make it squeek.
seat thief!

man's best friend 1

its getting rediculous, really. but you have to understand, he's just so cute!
he doesn't really have creepy red eyes, they just look that way with the camera flash...
a nice profile shot, in case the police need to track him down for his criminal activity.

play break 2

after the slide, the kids wanted to play on the swings. 'give me a big push, aunt diana!'
aves loved the swings too, she had to go in the kids swing, though. she didn't mind, she had a blast!
having had his fill of the swings, bubba clumbs up to the top of the metal equipment!

play break 1

you could tell that this was an old playground- this thing is seriously creepy! aves climbed up the ladder to go down the slide.
bubba headed up there too.
bubba on the way down!
another turn for bubba, aves patiently waits at the top!
even aunt diana got in on the sliding fun!

fire engine red

here is how i found him. he looks so peaceful, huh?
he had a round sticker on his arm, which then didnt see any sun. i took off the sticker, and freddie swooped in with the orange marker. we thought it was hilarious, but for some reason he wasnt laughing as hard as we were...
our lobster boy finally finds comfort and rest. i'm not sure which will hurt more in the morning: his sunburn, or his head...

sprinkles 3

after the sprinkler, the kids all grabbed a towel and found a spot on the deck to dry off and have a little snack!
with his hair all wet, i took the opportunity to give bubba a faux-hawk! his mom actually loved it!

sprinkles 2

after a little while, the kids convinced me to join them out in the sprinkler! diana was there too, but she had gotten some water in her eyes, so she sat out for a bit.
each of the kids wanted a turn being lifted over the sprinkler!
they loved getting wet! here is aves taking her turn.
tweets wanted a turn too!
last, but not least, bubba got all wet too!


the kids taking their first trepid steps into the sprinkler's path.
after a couple minutes, they go all in and get totally drenched by the sprinkler! why is bubba trying to sit on it? i have no idea either...
aves and bubba messing with the sprinker.

which i doubt!

here is the card that diana and i got for my dad- he totally loved it, and i think its hilarious! hope you get a kick out of it too!

church mother

over mothers day this year, my sister and brother-in-law's church, friendship christian reformed church, had a special bulletin printed up for the holiday. they took a picture of a mother and featured it on the cover of that week's bulletin, and wouldn't you know it, it was a picture of my jill! its a picture of jill, with bubba and aves, walking on the sidewalk of the church. very cute, huh?
its really cool that she was on the cover, even if she was really embarrassed about it...

me casa 2

when tweets woke up, her hair was a mess. she enlisted the help of her aunt diana to fix the mess- fortunately diana has been busy learning the skills needed for hair stuff!
tweets really wants to see what her aunt diana is doing!
after the hair was done, tweets picked the big pink frilly barettes to complete the look- so cute!

me casa 1

diana grabs a small handful of trail mix- she better be quick about it, cause there's a line forming!
when aves woke up, she only wanted to see her aunt diana!
ever since they first met poco, the kids have been obsessed with him! they kept asking me if i had a pictures of poco. i didnt, so i sent them diana's way- she has dozens on her camera! so, all the kids gathered around to see the different pictures she had.

rex in effects

the usual scene from rex's visit: chilling on the couch, enjoying some popcorn and a good movie!
rex driving us to our desired location: more movies!

porch view

we tied up poco around the leg of my chair. he was loving the time outside. he still doesnt quite understand being outside, but not going for a walk- staying in one place outside is a new concept to him!
poco had a good view of the lawn, and went crazy whenever anyone walked by!

year end round up

each year there are gifts given for those on our staff with important changes in store. sometimes that can be marriages, or those expecting a child, or for those staff members who are leaving us this year. this time gifts were given to rachel who is leaving us to move back to iowa with her husband, and because they are expecting! here she is opening her baby gifts. after she opened them she came back to the table and had a mini panic attack- i guess getting those baby gifts made her really realize that she was in fact having a baby! i totally understand- i'm sure i would freak out a little too!
i tried to take a picture of the people at the table, i guess i should inform them not to put their arms in the way...
there, thats much better! this is lorrie, our math teacher, glen, the janitor, rick, the history teacher, and derrick, the gym teacher.