miranda and levi

diana making work of miranda's hair- she cut it, bleached it, and colored it (with two colors!).

diana took advantage of having miranda round and had her color diana's hair as well! (dont worry, it didn't end up purple- it just looks like it while it was being dyed!)

gifts and such

nick, barbara, and poco enjoying mom and david's tree.
diana and miranda warming up on the sofa as david walks by.
ha! this one explains itself!

playing games

david made sure we were well fed while we were there!
miranda and diana enjoying the afternoon catching up!
diana deals the cards while nick gets his things in order.
at dinner time we had some ham, which poco desperately wanted!

goodbye oh nine

diana wanted to show poco off, so she pulled out his coat (which poco hates!)
jessica thought it was funny, but poor poco is not very happy about the situation...

jenn checks a few things online while diana looks along.

closing time

in the morning, before we woke up, ben grabbed my camera and took this pic of faber!
since jeffry lee and keith arrived after we did some shooting the night before, they wanted to spend some time making things go boom too! jeffry lee got to fire off his deer hunting rifle for the first time!
jake sully, you did a great job this year as our official mascot!

everyone's got their stuff packed up in the cars, aarons got his security blanky, and now its time to head back home.

cabin fever

rex spent most of the night in this chair. he didn't even get out while we were playing games- he just sat here and watched it all happen!
during one of our games, keith sat out and climbed up to the ledge on the balcony of the cabin. quite a view, i'm sure.
i've got no comment on this one...


keith and aaron enjoying the amazing sporty's experience.
rex appears to be angry about something, and keith is obviously thrilled with his first sporty's experience...
dusty just chillin out. behind him you can see how the place was really bustling with other customers...
of course, we didnt go anywhere with out our favorite mascot jake sully! he was certainly digging the fries!

get lost!

walking around with guns as dusk sets in.
aaron makes for a pretty scary bandito with that gun!

i'm trying to look tough, but i dont think it works very well...

the ol 'hunting' trip

the guys stake out the corner booth of the bk.
all four of us trying to squeeze into the picture. please notice at the bottom right corner of the photo that this year we have a cabin mascot: avatar jake sully!

amazingly, there isnt that much snow up here! i thought there might be a couple feet of snow, but there is only a few inches. that is very helpful, because if there were a ton, we were going to have to walk the whole mile driveway with our hands full of our gear! surprisingly, the saturn and talon are not built for huge amounts of snow...

christmas leftovers 2

papa and poco, new best friends!
when diana and i would go to sleep for the night, diana needed a place to put her ring that she knew would be safe. my suggestion: the cigar indian on top of papa's humidor. he kept it safe all week!
as diana was cutting aunt becky's hair, barbara was chilling out infront of the computer. i dont fault her for that, i was hoping to do the same!

christmas leftovers

another shot of aves rocking out with her mic and stand- giving us even more renditions of 'jesus loves me' with her own homespun lyrics!
for christmas bubba got a new set of pajamas which featured this awesome character on his belly! i loved it so much i had to take a picture of it!
tweets rocking and rolling with the mic!
bubba and i both enjoying jake sully, the toy papa got me for christmas!

an open fire

mom and david live on a lake, which is really beautiful in the winter! in order to show their christmas cheer, david even put a christmas tree out on the end of their dock!
the christmas tree on the end of the dock is strewn with lights- a beautiful sight at night!

family gifts

on one of diana's gifts was a nice ribbon, once she tore it off i promptly put it on her head. well, i sure thought it was cute!
barbara opens one of her gifts from dad. diana, still ribboned, seems entranced by her ring...
poco makes his way over to dad to get some petting!
the beautiful winter scene barbara created at her house using her grandma's holiday decorations.

the white elephant in the room

after being introduced, the family grabbed some food and hung out for a while chatting.
diana's dad opens up his 'gift', its a hand painted coconut with a lovely scene of a vacation paradise. truly breathtaking...
the whole family gathers with grandma for the annual photo. the spouses joined in for a photo too.

one of our gifts from jill for christmas was a nice bound book of many of our wedding photos. diana and i both loved it and wanted to bring it to the allens so they could check it out too! some of them werent able to attend the wedding this past spring, so this was their first look at the beautiful bride!