random ledge 46

when we babysit for penny it can be hard to keep ledger entertained.  we went to the dollar store and picked up a bunch of random stuff that he might like so that we could pull them out one or two at a time and keep him occupied for a while and out of penny's way.  one of the random things we got was this stuffed fishy which he absolutely loved!
at grandma's, being a fast little boy running from one end of the house to the other.  sans pants, of course.
resting, watching tsum tsums, with mama.
fast asleep for naptime in his crib.  one of the last days of sleeping in his bed as a crib.  out little guy is growing up!
he wanted to take a picture of himself and daddy.
tsum tsums and lunch.
picking up leaves from the yard and bringing them back to the table to examine them.
playing at the library.  the weather is finally starting to turn warmer, so they took the kids outside after reading time to play with some of their different toys.  ledge did pretty well with sharing, but not very well with keeping the sand inside the box...

a book and eggs

during his nap we pulled out the plastic eggs and put some candy and little toys in them and hid them around the house.  he was confused about the whole process at first, but once he got the hang of it he was off, scouring the house for as many eggys as he could find!
'look mama, that eggy is hiding in mema's plant!'
he was almost more thrilled with seeing the faces of the eggys than he was with getting the treats inside them!