bye bye mexico!

our bags were packed and lined up waiting for the bus!
in the airport we stopped at the food court and got something to eat.
ice cream and pizza- the perfect meal!

packing up

filling up the bags we just emptied- why must vacations always be so short?!?
heading back to the lobby to turn in our keys and everything.

moon palace: lobby

the lobby is a huge room with beautiful windows and eveyrthing that really impresses on first arrival.
the lobby bar and walkway to get to all the rooms.
the steaps lead up to the bar and restaurants, or down to the rooms.
diana and i enjoying our stay here!

room with a view 3

the usual path each day to get to the main lobby.
if you follow the squiggly bushes to the pyramid looking thing, you end up at the pool area!
the walkways at night.
the view off the third floor balcony next to our room.

room with a view 2

the palace resorts, which ours was a part of, was celebrating their 25th year here in cancun, they even had some landscaping to show their anniversary!
a little down the hall from our room was a walkway with a great view of the maze that is the resort!
they had tennis courts and bikes that we could use if we wanted.
a view of the pool area in the dark. this thing doesnt work so well without the flash on, huh?

room with a view 1

we had a great room, it was a corner room so we had a huge view of the landscape, and it was on the third floor so we really got the best view possible!
i finish getting ready and diana is enjoying the deck while she read.
we had a great room, numbered 1944.
a view of the landscape outside our window. at any given moment there were always a couple dozen guys working out there cutting grass, trimming bushes, repainting the walls, etc. they keep it looking really nice!

moon palace: pools

many of the different pools are connected to each other, so in order to get around you have to walk over the pools on the walking bridges they have there. this is a picture of the pool from one of those bridges.
one thing that diana and i both thought was ridiculous was that the pools closed at 8:00pm. it seemed like it would be great fun to be able to swim at night, but it was not allowed. oh well, at least the pools looked cool at night!
one of the many places we lounged, periodically taking breaks to actually swim.
from the hallway by the rooms you can still see just how beautiful everything is!

angry tummy

the table settings were very nice and the whole place was really beautiful.
diana coming back from getting some food from the buffet. i think our night ruiner is sitting on that plate somewhere...
diana and i pulled up a seat at the lobby bar to hear some live music after dinner.
enjoying our time at the lobby bar.

oh, sombrero!

the open air restaurant where we grabbed a bit to eat.
diana enjoying the tasty lunch.
after i got a picture of diana, i wanted a picture of me as well! i did a little dancing too! diana was laughing pretty hard, i think thats probably why its a bit blurry...

beach seats

around the resort itself there was a bunch of plants around with walkways going through them. if you follow the path you can go to a restaurant, a little shopping area, a bar, or just a bunch of tables with great views of the beach.
the plant area was just off the beach.
the restrooms next to the restaurant.
this doesn't really have anything to do with anything, but i thought it was hilarious!!!
diana heading out to find a comfy chair to relax in!

sail on, video

while we were parasailing, i took a little video. at the end i seemed to have forgotten how to turn it off, because it goes on for a little bit longer than i thought it did...

sail on, silvergirl 4

the resort we started from looks a lot smaller...
with my feet i crush any boat traffic that gets in our path!
a beautiful view of the beach and surrounding mexician shoreline.
once they unhook us from the harnesses, they quickly pull the parachute back in.
now, safely back in the boat, diana and i are glowing after such a fun and beautiful ride!

sail on, silvergirl 3

diana enjoys the beautiful view from so far up!
the boat looks so small from here!
now she's getting the hang of it! relaxing in the air!
sitting back and taking it all in.
to give you and idea of how high up we are, thats the size of the boat we are attatched to down by my foot...

sail on, silvergirl 2

the parachute is full and ready for its riders!
diana does really well as we go up and had a great time up there!
that parachute has a couple holes in it, should we be worried?!?
good thing neither one of us is afraid of heights!