brother's back in town

the whole family together just catching up and enjoying the time together!
aves got a chance to hop on chad's motorcycle too!

doggy do

what a beautiful home they have.  don't mind the flailing legs on the couch...
stopping over at sandy pines to spend some quality time with mema and papa!
going for a nice walk with the pups around the neighborhood.
jackson even came over to help out with redoing the deck.  he has now inherited my old job of handing papa the tools he needs.
playing with the different photo setting on my phone: here's the screened in porch at sandy pines!
ledge playing with mema.
ledge and i enjoying some of the finer points of sandy pines...

allegan walk

checking out the fountains in the kalamazoo river.
it was cloudy, but that almost made it more beautiful!
ledger dancing around on the pavilion stage!
what a beautiful view- oh, and the landscape doesn't look to bad either!

drawing skills

i drew him a few characters and left the faces blank so he could draw his favorite part- the smiles!
he wanted to draw a picture of me and him and how much he loves me!  melts the heart, i tell ya!

life's a picnic

ledger was thrilled with the bird feather he discovered on his exporations!
back home after the picnic, he never goes too far from his robot friend!

day at the zoo

playing on the tree.
he sure did love playing on this tortoise statue!
hanging out by the lions.
loving his day with mama and uncle james!
he had a blast at the zoo!

random ledge 55

now that the weather is getting a little nicer, we have been heading out to play outside.  he finally gets the chance to play with the scooter he got for christmas this year from his aunt and uncle.  he was really excited to try it out!  scoot!
doing some drawing on his easel.
ledger drawing on his magna-doodle with mama.
coming back from the amtrack station, ledger loves the activity book and hat they gave him!
how strange it must be to find toys in the store that are actually bigger than you!
playing with a new friend he met at fernwood.
being extra silly with papa at big boy!
ledge enjoying an ice cream cone on a lunch trip with daddy!
someone found a good hiding spot!
ledge posing with mama's shoes.

grandpa allan's rainbow

taking some time to do a bit of drawing.
ledger's favorite subject, as always, is BB-8!
diana sweet talked her dad into letting us borrow a painting that she has loved ever since he first painted it.
we hung it up in the perfect place.  with our 20 foot tall ceiling, we needed something to fill all that wall space- this colorful painting does the job perfectly!