more cute!

hold on tight, little man- that swing goes pretty fast!
giving sophie the giraffe a big kiss... with a little big of biting too.

ledger in a big boy shirt- not just a onesie!
sleep tight, my little man!

gate con '12 2

they schedule in to the con about an hour for lunch, so instead of paying outrageous prices for food at the hotel restaurant, we just walked a little ways down the street and got ourselves some mcdonalds!  the place was packed with like minded convention attendees!
the convention hall as they sell different sci fi items during the auction.
the merch room at the beginning of the day, before the convention really gets started.

gate con '12 1

andee frizell, the wraith queen from stargate atlantis, shares some funny stories from the set of the show.
brains showing just how excited he was to be here!
david nykl just moments before one of the best moments of his life: receiving a high five from me!

at barbara's

ledger reaching up to play with barbara's hair.
poco found a safe perch, high up above that pesky sal!
staying up late chatting it up with good ol' jeffry lee!
so sad to go!  dont worry buddy, we will see each other again soon- i'm sure of it!

dishes are done, man

look, its even tied up in a cute little bow!
when the dishes are done, jeffry lee gives us the 'all clear!'  well done-  we will make a housewife out of you yet!

rest at grandmas

first thing in the morning we get a little tongue sticking out!
ledger loves to go to grandmas and play with her toys too!
hey, cutie!
while there, diana helped mom sort out her closet and go through her jewelry.  diana, ever the organizational freak, totally loved it!

room decor 12

each year the students memorize the sermon on the mount.  this year i decided to take inspiration from that and i took a verse from that passage and covered the wall with it.
it turned out pretty cool.  it fills the space above the lockers and looks pretty fun.
i've done this one before, but it fits so perfectly that i decided to do it again this year.  its the great commission, encouraging students to go and share their faith.  fittingly, its right above the door so they can read it as they leave the room and go out into the world!
we talk a lot about building our faith and we use a lot of imagery of building ourselves up, so i thought i would take that to the next logical conclusion and made a bunch of lego pieces wth different qualities of faith written on them.
it would be foolish to put up lego pieces with out a few lego guys, right?
i thought it turned out pretty well.  that should give the students something to look at when they get bored with me!

time with mema

mema holding ledger close as we finish our meal at the steakhouse.
playing around with his favorite light up snail.
this time ledger had some sweet potatoes and he was much happier!

first real food

here is a video of ledger eating his first real food and it is hilarious!

4 month photos

mema and the photographer trying their best to pose ledger.  when he was in that crib thingy he kept trying to do the gangsta lean!  we would prop him up and he would try to lean to the left, so we put something behind his left side.  well, then he would lean to the right.  what a bother!
the final product!  so cute!

4 month check-up

our little guy chillin' in his dad's lap, ready for the exam, taking one last nibble of the giraffe before he goes up there!
the shots werent that bad, after a minute he totally forgot about them, the only reminder that they happened was his band aid.