our stinky dog 2

whats the point of having a blog if you cant show off pictures of your dog? (i know, that was an unintentional and unfortunate rhyme. my apologies) anyway, here's some more pictures of poco! your welcome.
poco sits on the back of my chair watching his 'tv', the window looking out on all his favorite shows!
poco trying to do his part in making his mom feel better when she was sick.
over the summer we spent some time at jill and tim's trailer in sandy pines. here, poco is enjoying one of his favorite cartoons while he waits for his turn to go for a walk. keep waiting, little guy...
poco out on the deck at mom and papas place.
here is a funny video of poco running around the living room couch at diana's mom and davids place! crazy dog...

here's lookin at you kid

the obligatory boat ride at mom and davids! we do it every time we go, but its always enjoyable!
after spending quite a few hours working on it over the summer, here is the finished bathroom at their house! looks fantastic!
much of the work we did was getting the wiring and lights hooked up, getting the medicine cabinet just right, and getting that beautiful white board up against the wall. david did a great job finishing with that blue paint and white edging!

gate con: the rest

in the hallway of the convention center there was a light shining the logos of all three stargate shows!
the actors shared their stories on stage, but you could also pay to get a photo taken with them. well, i do draw a line at paying for a photo, so i didnt shell out the big money for that. instead i just took a picture of someone else paying the big money! thats joe flanigan in there taking a picture with someone who is now 40 bucks poorer...
one of the banners up at the front of the stage that the actors signed.

gate con: merch

though the merch tables were shockingly small, i did find a little something to get as a memento of the visit. i got this small key chain of the stargate itself. it looks pretty cool!
one of the things i had been saving my money for all summer was so that i could get a bunch of stargate books to read. my favorite of the three shows is stargate sg-1, and that one was cancelled after its tenth season. that means there are not going to be any more great adventures with o'neill, carter, teal'c, and daniel jackson. so, the only way i can get more time with these characters is by reading the books! so i got eleven of them...

gate con: actors

(terrible picture, i know, but its the best i could get with my camera...) joe flanigan and david hewlett, both stars from stargate atlantis, share some stories from life on the set and answer some fan questions. these two guys were hilarious! they worked so well together and have a great chemistry together. their stories and perspectives on the stargate fanchise were really interesting and very very funny!
dan shea, one of the other guests, worked as a secondary character on stargate sg-1 and was also the stunt double for richard dean anderson. he also was anderson's stunt double on macguyver, so we got to hear some pretty funny stories about that famous mullet! this guy is really hyperactive and puts on a really funny show as he shares his stories!
michael shanks, who played daniel jackson on the original stargate sg-1, was the big guest of the day. he came out and shared some great stories and answered questions. it was interesting because you could get a definite sense that he had a love/hate relationship with the show and didnt shy away from some of the problems he faced.
after his time talking, michael shanks walked over to the four banners across the stage and signed each of them by his picture. these banners were sold during the auction earlier in the day and went for quite a lot of money!

back to school

over top of the lockers i wanted to have a complete scene from one wall to the other. its actually two separate bible stories tied into one (about 1500 years pass from one end of the wall map to the other).
the first water scene is of moses parting the sea. i was going to make the moses silhouette a bit bigger, but i thought this little one looked more impressive!
the other side of the map is a water scene of paul's shipwreck on the way to rome. i know that the boat isnt even remotely historically accurate, but i wanted to make this big sailed ship anyway...
above the door i put this passage, called 'the great commission', so that the kids would see it on their way out the door and into the world as a reminder of what they should have on their hearts.
behind my desk is this image and verse about the cost of following christ.
these little semi circles are designed to be each of the six days of creation. i have six windows in my room and i made these to go over top of each of those windows. it actually worked pretty well and they look cool over the windows!

end con

rex performs his daily inspection of poco. yup, still gross...
at the con there was a t-shirt give away at the lionsgate film booth. when they made the announcement we just happened to be in front of it and i happened to score one of the few shirts they gave away. there was absolutely no way i was actually going to wear it, so i passed it along to brains. i'm sure allison will let him wear that crazy thing... or not.
at the comic con i spotted a couple painting of stargate sg-1 and took a picture of one of them. this is a little hint of what i have planned next weekend...