tum time

all those bright colors?  how couldnt you have fun?!?
that little guy was moving too fast for me- he always loves the camera!
staring at his reflection again!
little by little he keeps wiggling his booty and pulling up his legs.  i know he's awful young to be crawling, but it seems like he is starting to figure it out!

birthday treat!

for my birthday i got this amazing phone case!  i had been using diana's old cast off case, which was pink by the way...  she got a new one when i got my phone so i got her old one.  now, i've got an awesome case of my own.  dont know what it is?  thats ok, its super nerdy, so i understand if it doesnt look familiar!  its the stargate made up of a bunch of stargate symbols.  awesome, huh?  the best part is that the symbols in the ring of the gate actually kind of look like my name!  how weird is that?!?  its like they made it just for me!  now i can revel in my super sci fi nerdiness all the time! (as if i dont already...)

being cute

after a bit of playing around, he seems to be getting rather sleepy...
'what is going on dad!'

hanging at the cabin

our cabin.  dont mind the massive pole that reaches hundreds of feet in the air for the power lines...
barbara decided that she wanted to have braids, so diana the hair stylist comes to the rescue!
ledger loved having a little time with brains!

rc racing

now there's some major air!
when i told aaron to bring his rc car he wasnt too sure, but then i texted him this photo and he was super pumped!
aaron had a blast driving around on the different courses.  he was the only one who controlled it, i know better than to ask if i could have a turn, i would just end up destroying it...

friends at sandy

after dinner we got the chance to just hang out for a while in the nice air conditioned comfort of mom and papa's trailer!
brains shares an amusing anecdote.
diana and barbara dont seem all that amused with brains anecdote...

slippidy slide

ledger getting another chance to feel the water.  after his lake experience he seemed a little more daring and at ease with the pool.
barbara watches as jeffry lee comes barreling down the slide!
brains lathers up with some sun screen.  he was pretty certain that he did not want to get burned!

papa's projects

as ledger woke up monday morning, i knew it was my turn to get him.  since the cabin is so small and i wanted to let the girls sleep for just a little longer, i took our little man out on the front porch.  he and i sat and enjoyed watching the carts go by in the cool of the morning.
wouldnt you know it, one of those carts going by was mema!  i knew she couldnt stay away for long...
when we arrived mema showed ledger a new fun gym set that she had borrowed from my cousins.  ledger got right to it and loved looking and laughing at the colorful critters overhead!
papa finishes up the new walkway.  i tell ya, that guy never stops, does he?

a relaxing sunday evening

tweets wanted to show me her new trick: 'look how small i can get, uncle mark!'
oh, flumpkin, why must you be so cute!  this is the one time during the whole visit where she was still enough to actually get a picture!
bubba making faces at our little man.  he wasnt too sure what to make of them either...
aves was intensely interested in barbara's bracelets, so she let aves try them on like a big girl.  she was so pleased!

sis pick up

poco wasnt too sure about being left behind, but he tried to make the best of it by finding the most comfortable place in the whole house!  turtle power, indeed.
one thing that our little stinky dog would have to contend with: a three legged cat named buddy!  fortunately we knew this was not a problem, the two of them lived together for many years and are old friends.  well, poco is buddy's friend more than buddy is poco's friend,  buddy just tolerates him- and sometimes hisses too...

tum time

not only does he love to look around, now he's starting to reach for different things that make noise!