good to fair

the picnic area filled with all my coworkers!
ledge and mama enjoying the ol carousel.
his favorite part- the roller coaster!  since we had a free pass for all rides, ledger went on that thing so many times!
making friends on the spinning apples!
my beautiful +1!
this kid was in heaven!
now that's a big cow!
he even got to play in the bouncy house!

south bend visit

katie and jared were visiting diana's mom and david, so we went down to see them too!  ledger had a blast with his cousin liam.
oh little garrett, you sure are cute!
such little piggy toes!
my lovely birthday card and play-doh snake that ledge made for me.
reading books with grandpa allen!
traversing the lawn in his 4 wheeler monster!

random ledge 48

a special father's day message sent to his grandpa and grandpa allen!
lookin cute as ever!
he gets a new toy and all he can do is play with the box... you'd think he was a cat or something.
enjoying a lazy afternoon.
playing with jeffrey lee's nephews at the park!
quite the artist, no?
playing with daddy's old micro machines!
a special afternoon out with daddy- a smiley faced donut and strawberry milk!
diana said that ledger thought this was especially funny- it was a daddy ghosty on the door!  its my shirt and hat that to him looked like a fun ghosty!

fun at the library

ledge enjoying the magician.  he didn't always follow the tricks, but he loved the huge group of people!
his favorite library event was definitely the petting zoo- he couldnt keep his hands off the little chicks!
so excited!
he even got to feed the goat!  well, kind of...
he felt pretty cool when all the vehicles were there, sitting in the driver seat like daddy does!
always a goof ball!
he was mystified by the crime dog...

up walk

having a nice spooky walk with the rc car's light leading the way!
oh maciver, you were so good at getting out of jams with that swiss army knife and paperclip- you will be missed!
aaron rockin' out!

up falls

on our way to the brewery!
the brewery and pub
ready to get our dinner on!
i figured i'd get a pasty- when in rome, right?
the mosquitoes were so thick that we wore hoodies just to keep them away!

random ledge 47

fun in the 'bubble pool' with his grandma!
his hair was so goofy i had to take a picture!
stoppin' to smell the flowers!
a big strong boy showin' off his muscles!
gone fishin'
downtown south bend with his grandpa allen.
enjoying some quality time with grandpa...