random ledge 54

cool dude just chillin' out.  please note that ledger is not actually leaning on anything, thats just his cool dude pose...
short shorts!
practicing his letters.  and of course putting a face on all of them...
silly morning hair!
rocking out those sunglasses!
playtime with mr. chef!
little by little we've been trying to introduce him to playing games.  he has a lot of fun with it, but if he doesn't win then he doesn't want to play anymore.  kind ofa poor sport, but we're working on it...

and birthday

unwrapping his birthday gifts!
jackson and jaidey loved the BB-8 toy too!
so excited to have dino candles and singing happy birthday to him!
blowing out his 4 candles.
mema out did herself- she made a cool rainbow cake for ledger!  it was really cool because from the outside it just looked like a regular dessert, but once she cut into it the colorful surprise was discovered!  and, of course, it was really yummy too!


ready for the hunt to begin!
the search begins!
found one!
digging into each egg to see whats inside!
ooh- some of them even had a dollar in it!  more for his piggy bank!

after all the eggs were opened, the kids even got chocolate bunnies!  mema must want his teeth to fall out...

bb-8 birthday!

about a month before his birthday i was out running errands and happened to see the rc BB-8 so i picked it up.  it was probably just as tough for me not to bust that thing open as it was for him!
getting the hang of the remote controls.
he also got a lego playset, which he put together with BB-8...
another birthday gift- om nom, a cute character from a cartoon he likes.

carpet and clean up

the old carpet in one of the rooms.
seriously, how does it get this bad?  they do know that the apartment has a toilet, right?
i had to scrape it down to the tiles- a fresh start!
not too bad for my first time laying carpet!
as a novice, i didn't even want to try and form fit the carpet to the closets- so i just left the old stuff in there!  the only bother was trying to hide the space between the old and new carpets.
problem solved!
this was by far the hardest part- bridging the gap between the vinyl flooring and the carpet in the living room.
finally, after renting a tool that could drill into the concrete, i was able to put the metal cover on!

random ledge 53

playing at the bookstore.
what a goof!
hanging out with his cousin liam.
watching his pad-pad with a few friends...
he wanted to be a turtle, so diana made him a fun 'shell' that he could hide in.  he decided to name the turtle 'turquoise' and proceeded to hide out in that box for the next week!
more fun with play doh!

drawing inspiration

one of the hallmarks of ledger's work is that everything has to have a face on it- notice his snowman has a face on each of the three balls!
one of his favorite inspirations is BB-8 from star wars.
about an hour into drawing time and he's still busy at it!

he loves to play doh

being creative (and messy)
olaf!  he may have gotten a little help with this one...
he's super focused on his snowman, you can tell by looking at his tongue...
very proud of his snowman!
a strange snowman alien of ledger's own design.

random ledge 52

one of his favorite things about christmas is the wrapping paper, especially the ones with snowmans on it.  so, we grabbed all the different kinds we had and made his name and put it on the wall in his room- he absolutely loved it!
he decided he wanted to be a christmas present...
posing for the camera.  what a goofball!
getting a haircut!
looking through a catalog at grandmas, he found the page with robots.  of course he did.
playing at grandmas.
checking out auntie barbara's microscope!