random ledge 7

cant argue with that, huh?
'hi dada, dont mind me, i'm just going to lay here on your foot...'
while mom and dad eat, little ledger does a bit of light reading...
'just read the shirt, man...'
dont try to eat the camera, buddy!
sal found a new friend!
out little guy just playing by himself...

eat up!

just like his dad, ledger loves him some corn!
he gets such a kick out of this fake food!
for some reason he loves putting the salt and pepper shakers in his mouth while he plays with the other foods...
he's about as happy as can be- a new favorite box of toys!


he didnt seem so sure about it at first...
but this is pretty accurate for our little squawker!

at church 3

another great shot by aves!
ledger's cousin tweets was so proud of him!
after the service mema and papa were so happy for our little boy!
the proud parents of a newly baptized son!

at church 2

ledger behaved himself perfectly during the baptism, but got a bit restless during the sermon...  so jill and the girls went out with him into the lobby for a bit.
she took a ton of pictures of him- so cute!

the many faces of ledger!

at church 1

ledger, all dressed up in his sunday best!  mema and papa got him this outfit for his special day!  i love the cute sweater vest!
the proud parents! (its a little blurry because aves wanted to take a picture...)
the proud grandparents so excited about their grandson being baptized!
mema wanted to make sure that ledger was fully aware of what was going to happen, so she shared the order of events with him!

baptism party 3

tavish, following aves lead, grabbed a marker too- time to draw!
taking a break from the fun, mema fed ledger.  which was her own sort of fun...
everyone had a great time chatting, eating, and checking the place out!  it was really cool to have everyone in my classroom, but i will admit that at one point i felt like i should stand up front and give a quick lesson...
those kids sure did love drawing on that board!

baptism party 2

right away the kids gravitated toward the dry-erase board at the front of the room- who doesnt love to draw on those things, right?!?
jill and tweets smiling along with our well dressed boy on his special day!
we kind of forgot to grab a few toys for ledger to play with while we were there, so we did a little improvising and he got to play with howard the gourd! (everything in my classroom has a name...)
aunt diana even joined in with the gourd playing...

baptism party 1

we got about five pizzas- which ended up being more than enough for everyone to enjoy!
it was really fun to show off my classroom.  only a couple of members of my family had ever seen it before, so i got to take the family around a little bit and let them see where i spend most of my days!
we got a cake, just a generic one, but diana put her crafty skills to work and made it into a beautifully personalized treat for ledger's special day!