rec center

the adult rec center
a few older people bowling with the wii.

birthday fun 4

me, the proud recipient of a really cool photo printer!

tweets making more faces... shes holding the beautiful card that she made for me for my birthday. it was very pretty!
ice cream time!

birthday fun 3

thirsty aves
tweets making faces
aves sharing her desert with her daddy
taking a picture of jill taking a picture. oh so very post modern, huh?
tim and aves enjoying a drumstick ice cream cone.

birthday fun 2

the kids are happy to see their uncle mark!

jackson trying to out run the camera
a little wink...
the beach at sandy pines

birthday fun1

dad, mom, and dianas dad enjoying the meal.
dianas step dad, mom, and my dad digging in!
tweeter, aves, jill, and tim chowing down.
dianas mom and step dad
dianas dad, and the always lovely diana.

chad smiling

this is a random picture of my brother, but its one of the very very few pictures in existence of him smiling. i figured that at least deserved puting it up!

engagement day 2

some pictures of the kids during dads birthday party.

engagement day

"welcome" to the family! lame, i know, but thats how i roll...


this spring my dad was clearing out their back yard and noticed a duck had made a nest right in the underbrush of a bush. there were a bunch of eggs, and a couple weeks later there were a few little ducklings wandering around the yard!


mattys (former) house.
two of matts daughters watching 'hanna montana'

hanging with my girl

families meet 2

dianas stepdads mom had some great old lady glasses, and all of us wanted to try them on... hot, huh?

families meet 1

dianas mom, diana, and my mom all chatting during the boat ride.
dad sat up by me and enjoed the boat ride.
saying goodbye at the end of the evening.
barbara, her boyfriend nick, and dianas stepdads mom sitting at the other table out on the deck.