classroom art

here are the works in progress. they will look a lot better when they are done, i promise!

comic con 07 part 4

i just got a few more pics of comic con from jeffry lee, so i figured id share those too. last ones, promise...

jackson: artist extraordinaire

as was shown earlier, my nephew is an amazing photographer. i think hes got a real future in the world of photography. oh, and the blurriness, im told, is intentional (something about it being more artistic that way...)

comic con 07 part 3

while we are at it, i might as well put up one more batch of photos from the convention...

a few of me

my new pair of sunglasses. i dont usually wear sunglasses, but adam recently gave me this pair because he was convinced that i look better in them than he does. whatever. but thanks for the glasses anyway, adam!

yes, infact i do have a totally rad birthmark on my hand!

water tower

they are repairing the water tower in town, and it looks kind of cool. there were guys going up and down wires hanging from the spikes in the top earlier. crazy...