random ledge 2

he just loves his daddy sooo much!
hanging out in his high chair!
in his bouncy.  he still cant quite reach the floor, so we gave him a little help by putting a small cushion so he can reach!
the epitome of cool.
this little guy is ready for whatever life has to offer!

wedding away

larry got the thankless job of 'photo boy' early in the night.  i think he had to sit there and take pictures with about six different phones.  granted, i could have helped, but i'd rather take a picture of the awkwardness...
out on the dance floor cutting a rug!

random ledge 1

look at that turtle grin!  cutest boy ever!
doing the superman...
looks like it was getting a little too late for our sleepy boy.
cutie indeed.
he's just-a-swingin'!

memas 3

ledger on his play mat enjoying some of mema's toys!
the girls always go up to the play room to have fun playing store- no boys allowed!
mema wanted to impress ledger by showing off the gas fireplace.  he was enthralled!

memas 2

they both look so pretty!
bubba is pretty serious about his go-fish, let me tell ya...
tweets takes it pretty seriously too...
barbara, playing with her favorite nephew!

memas 1

aves and tweets love to play with their favorite cousin!
ledger loves to play with his favorite cousins too!
enjoying a sunday afternoon grill out at mema and papa's!

early visit to memas

ledger in mema's high chair for the first time!
hike those pants up a bit more, old man!
ledger and mema went to watch his cousin play a little flag football!