poco extravaganza 2

doin that sleepy gangsta' lean...
one of our stink dog's favorite treats is milk, and diana is only too happy to let him have the last sip!
is he about to fall asleep, or is he deep in thought, about to solve all the world's problems?  unfortunately we will never know.  come on dog, learn english already!
poco taking a break from his tv watching...

poco extravaganza 1

its always a good idea to smell a camera while it is taking a picture, right poco?
lets try a few different looks:  how about the scared weasel?  perfect!
now, try to look like an airplane with your ears as wings?  amazing!
that doesn't look very comfortable...  why does our dog sit on his back?  i have no idea...
poco, put your tongue away, please!

peeking poco!

one of our favorite things is how poco likes to lay under blankets.  not on them like a normal dog, no- underneath them!  because of this borrowing nature of his, we often find him peeking out of different random things...
the wife tries to take a little nap, but who is that down by her pillow?  why, thats peekin' poco!
peek a boo!
please take special note of the fact that his tongue likes to peek out too...
peek a boo!

in with the new!

as the best buy employee was dragging it up to the register i just kept squealing like a child, disbelieving that it was actually coming home with us!
the box was so massive that it took up the entire flatbed of the truck!
me, showing off the new purchase!  at one point diana was a little concerned that i might hurt my face because my grin was so big...
drink it up, world, drink it up.  the strangest thing is that it is so much bigger, yet it feels like its smaller than our old one.  the screen size on this thing is vastly larger, but that old 36 inch tube tv was just enormous!  that two hundred pound monstrosity sat out about two and a half feet from the wall!  this new one is only about 10 inches from the wall, so the living room actually looks like there's more room than before.  amazing!