electric joy!

my hero and me. this is a picture of the joy electric show i went to with aaron, rex, and jeffry lee way back in november (im a little slow in developing my pictures...). it was an awesome concert, and it was even cooler because i got there way too early. i was early enough to see ronnie martin and a couple other guys just hanging around out front of the building before the show. i went over there and actually got to chill and chat with him for about a half hour! it was totally awesome!!!

the whole family

this is a photo from a while back. its from the last time chad came home, right around moms birthday. for her birthday we celebrated by going out to a nice restaurant with everybody. i like this shot because we are hardly ever able to all get together lately.

a great shot

this is my esteemed colleque and friend matt. well, at least until he sees that i posted this picture...