still neil jammin'

as we were walking around we looked for that famous neil jam banner, when we found it we came a' runnin! neil has his own unique style of drawing, making each of his characters with big black eyes. one of the things he always brings with him to comic con is a strange assortment of framed drawings of different characters drawn in his style! there are a ton of different characters, some from comic books, others from movies or tv, and some other strange ones besides. brains found one this year that he couldnt resist: camel joe. why camel joe? only brains knows for sure...
rex and i bought his most recent comics, so neil even signed and drew a little picture for us in the inside of our purchases!
i snapped a quick pic of neil while he was putting a little drawing and signing my copy of his latest book!
and there it is! thanks neil, for the fun conversation and making an awesome comic book series!

the con proper: booths

at one point we were hanging out at the artist's booths and jeffry lee pulled out his camera and took a bunch of pictures around the huge room. with a little photoshop magic, all those pictures become this huge landscape of the con. pretty cool!

the con proper: cars

the old batmobile from the '60s version of the batman tv show was on display. you could pay a ton of money to sit in it if you wanted to, but i dont really have much love for the old show, so i settled on this picture, which was free!
they also had the 'back to the future' delorian there, you could make a twenty dollar donation to michael j fox's charity and sit in it for a picture. i'm sure aaron would have been drooling if he had gotten the chance to be this close to it!

the con proper: costumes

why exactly is sonic the hedgehog, spider girl, that guy from assassins creed, and pheonix all hanging out together? a better question would be why not?
the green lantern guy is actually pretty good!
there was even a life sized r2d2 roaming around the con floor...

the con proper: celebrities

there were a bunch of star trek personalities there, including my favorite captain: avery brooks! he was captain sisco on deep space nine, my favorite of the star trek shows.
another famous star trek person who was there was john de lance, who played Q in many of the star trek shows.
also on hand was brent spiner, who played data on star trek: the next generation.
the crown jewel of the convention, though, was definitely captain kirk himself: william shatner! to get a picture with him was 100 bucks, so i just peeked around the corner with my camera and saved myself a bunch of money- the priceline guy would be proud!

cylon signs

brains is eager to be in line, thats for sure!
the target of brains' elation.

right before brains got up there to talk with him there was this woman in front of him who went up to the actor and said 'hi. i'm a lesbian, but you sure are hot!'. this put brains in a difficult situation of following after a statement like that! poor sap didnt stand a chance...

dont plan ahead

when we discovered that i had to wait because i planned ahead but the guys who didnt plan ahead got to be first in line, rex gave a little giggle...
this is the scene after waiting in line for ten minutes. the front doors are still a quarter mile away...
one benefit of standing in line was getting to see all the crazy people in costumes as they walked over. i'm not entirely sure what this guy is dressed as, but i really love the crazy smiling red mouse head!

pre con

poco is like a little kid, i tell ya! with all these new guests he saw it as an opportunity to show off and get all the attention. it worked!
i'm not entirely sure what is going on here. i dont know if brains is mid-jump, or maybe just needs to use the restroom...
jeffry lee is ready for bed and seems to be giving a look that says 'get out of my bedroom!!!'
i think we figured out what was happening in the picture with brains... rex quickly suggested that brains head for that much needed bathroom break.
i was just having a good time hanging out when i got photobombed by jeffry lee's belly! yikes!

cutting brains

for some reason, brains getting his hair cut became a huge sensation at the house! everyone whipped out their cameras to document this amazing event... i think we took about 17 pictures of him! you would think he was a baby getting his very first cut...
ahh, thats much better. allison will be pleased with her new man!

burgers and tavish

alanna geting tavish ready to scoot around for a bit.
david's sister and nephews were also visiting for the week, soo we got to meet them as well.
everyone on the back porch digging in to the yummy burgers and corn on the cob that was prepared for us!

texas brinkhouse

aves and bubba joining in on the fun we had there!
throughout the night the girls seemed to play a new game, i think its called 'i want to sit on ms. barbara's lap now!' not sure if thats the name of it, but we sure heard that a few dozen times!
as we left the restaurant, all the kids wanted to hop in our car and come home with us! sorry guys, its been a fun time, but you have to go back with your mom and dad. we sure love you though!

princess tweet

now that looks like a princess' hair, right? tweets sure thought so!
diana did a great job and tweets was so excited to be looking so pretty!

a dance show

diana's sister barbara came to visit us and met up with us at tim and jills house. she got there just in time to watch the videos with us and was equally awed by all the cuteness! when jill got home we chilled out and chatted for a while. i couldnt miss the opportunity to catch a picture with all the sisters and nieces!

paper track

the track at the bottom of the picture was the first one we built. that crated a spark of imagination for bubba and he thought of all the other ways we could build on to it!
aves takes a turn riding the micro machine car down the ramp!
we even built a jump off the edge of the table, which then gave bubba the idea to make a target for the car to land on- bullseye was 100 points!
i figured that some of the ramp building might be too intricate for the young girls, so they were busy coloring some of the different ramp entrances.
even mom wanted to get in on the coloring fun! it was a fantastic little crafts time that the kids really loved, hopefully they will want to try it again sometime!

monday in the park with chad 3

chad just chillin on the picnic table.
after the pizza was eaten, all the kids went out to enjoy the cool equipment at the park!
cousin kelley and jon's little guy, landon, does some exploring at the park!
tweets found a nice frog to stand on...
aves creeping around the cake table waiting for her own piece!

monday in the park with chad 2

everyone is chatting and eating- what a fun time!
chad even gets away long enough to grab a piece or two for himself!
chad checks out the cake mom had gotten for the event.
welcome home chad! we were so glad to see you again!
aunt ruth took charge of the cake serving duties and cut it up and plated pieces for everyone!