rock and rolling video

jeffry lee mildly rocking out on the drums.

rock and rolling 2

nick, who is actually a good guitar player, was some what able to translate those skills to this game, which he had never played before.
the groupies (barbara and diana) watch along.
all of us having a great time!

rock and rolling 1

oops! i still had my night mode on on the camera, so this one is a bit washed out...
there. thats a bit better. nick is rocking the guitar, rex is singing, and jeffry lee is banging the drums!
freddie playing the axe.


jeffry lee gazing longingly into his phone.
rex, bethany and aaron enjoying the chatter at fridays.
diana and barbara looking at a phone.

one of each 2

mom and papa enjoying the selection.
diana's mom and step dad were glad they came up and had a great time.
i asked my mom to take a picture of diana and i, but it was a bit shaky...
papa gave it a try, but it wasn't much better...

one of each 1

there were a ton of people there, some were really planning ahead! one couple was there planning for a summer wedding- summer of 2010!
they had a ton of food, and all of it was pretty good!
the taste testing was at the banquet hall that they own, which is the same one that dusty and carrie had their reception at.

tacos, sans meat

barbara likes to wear her tie-dyed apron when she is cookin in the kitchen.
nick was put in charge of cutting up the veggies.
a feast fit for a king!

my lobster valentine

the place was packed with couples! we sat in a huge corner booth which usually sits 6 to 8, and it was just the two of us. i don't think i saw a group of more than two in the whole place!
random glass of water.
i took a picture of diana and i, but diana complained that when i take pictures of us you can never tell where we are. i took another one, but she felt embarassed by me holding the camera high up in the air, so she decided not to look at it while i took the shot... silly girl!

it's looking up 2

diana's mom and step dad's beautiful lake house.
they have been busy building a new garage on the house. looks like they are just about done!
it's kind of hard to see, but their backyard is right on the lake, they have a dock and boat and everything! (it's kind of hard to use in this weather though...)

it's looking up 1

getting ready, measuring out what we will need. the first thought of putting styrofoam in above the tile for insulation didn't quite pan out.
the before shot. all the tiles had been soaked pretty good during the flood this fall, so they all had to come down.
so far, so good! we got a bunch of the tiles put up, but the clock was not our friend- at this point i had to get going to see diana, and they needed to get ready to visit some friends.
happy with the progress so far, diana's mom and step dad take a little break from the day's work.

fit and trim 3

another door frame, naked without its trim.
much better! now it is fully clothed in the splendor of trim!
a close up look at the new floor, the new paint, and most recently: the new trim! its almost like i'm living in a new place! thanks papa, you have been such a help in getting the house ready for a wife!

fit and trim 2

a corner, painted but un-trimmed.
poco's little corner. this is where poco is going to have his bed when he moves in. this is the with new flooring, but no trim yet.
another view of the area before trim.
oh, that makes it look so much better, huh?

fit and trim 1

no matter what we are doing, a mess always seems to be close behind...
the first piece of trim on the double door frames.
three pieces out of four.
tah dah! all four pieces of trim up- two door frames down!

mr. lincoln

at the last minute we decided to get a cake for the kids to have in celebration. the night before, i went to the grocery store and picked out what ever they had and they wrote the message on it. purple flowers aren't very patriotic, but we did what we could!
this large two and a half foot portrait of lincoln i brought from home. i had this thing hanging up in my living room for about three years!

art gallery 2

a look into the room with the paintings.
some guests talk while enjoying the artwork.
diana's dad did this one. a realistic painting of a street diana grew up on.
this is an abstract painting that diana's dad did. as someone who graduated college with a degree in art, i am really impressed with her dad's work- i could never do anything even close to this level of craftsmanship! it is so impressive to see the actual work, these pictures don't do the work justice.

art gallery 1

looking into the gallery, this is the room with the photography.
i was really amazed at how many people were there to see the works, over the course of about an hour, i have to guess there were at least two hundred people!
this is the room with the paintings.
everyone, including myself, enjoyed the little finger foods that were provided.