looks like she's gone and done it- mom got herself a dog!
i dont exactly remember what kind of dog it is, but it sure is cute!  this little puppy is so floppy!
her name is ivy, but i think i will call her flumpkin!

visit pics

a few more random pictures from our weekend visiting the family in grand rapids:
a proud mom and our little one!
a proud grandma and our little one!
a proud cousin and our little one!
a proud little one!
look at that face!!!

chads visit

tweets plays with ledger while bubba plays with some of my old transformers.  pretty soon i'm going to have to take those back from my mom's place so that i can pass them along to ledger!
a few mother's day gifts were opened, with a little help from aves!
take it where you can get it!  chad gets a little sleep once the kids leave.  not a very long nap though, he has to be at the airport in about an hour- enjoy it while you can!

mothers day grill out

everyone heads outside in the nice weather to relax on the deck in the back yard.
sorry mom and aves, last ones to the party get chairs but no shade!
bubba just relaxin.
um, aves, you are facing the wrong way...

grill out

jeffry lee starts to get almost comfortable with ledger in his arms!
i dont know...

ledger meets the guys

aaron and nicole digging in, enjoying the spread my mom prepared for us!
carrie introduces ledger to her two children.  they are quite impressed!
it had just rained earlier in the afternoon, we actually thought that we might be forced to sit inside the whole evening, but the clouds parted and it stayed pretty rain-free for the rest of the night.
the dust man and rexy chatting it up!

mommy's day prize

a close up of the proud mom's new necklace- diana was so thrilled by it and wore it all weekend to show it off!


a proud tweets after the show with her mema and papa celebrating the great performance!
there's always time to fawn over ledger, right?  tweets, jill, and aves all say hi to our little boy.
tweets, strike a pose!
don't worry aves, we didnt leave you out- you get a picture too!

mall the way

little ledger in his stroller, his first visit to the mall!
papa got a new phone recently and is working hard on figuring out all the bells and whistles!  i showed him how to take and send a photo with the phone, which he thought was pretty cool.