macs rock

the elderly couples were so cute! there was one couple there who looked like they were both in their 90's, they didnt talk the whole time we were there, they just sat at their booth holding hands across the table, enjoying the music and each other. one day that will be diana and i, too old to dance, but still starry eyed over each other!
and when we left the sky was just perfect- the rain had stopped and the sun was below the clouds giving them a beautiful pink glow!

a picture (frame) worth a thousand words

diana's beautiful handywork. we knew mom was going to go nuts when she saw this!
i always wanted to let mom and papa know in a fun way- i think we succeeded!
mom going nuts!

afternoon with uncle

the kids totally loved watching the remote controlled cars zip around the track- those things get going so fast that they often shoot right off the course! dont worry, i soon told them to step back from the side, and its a good thing i did- about a minute later one flew out and would have hit them if they had still been standing there!
there is very little attention payed to the formal rules of mini golf with these three...
big smiles! i took this one myself, thus the terrible framing...
at the ice cream shop we met up with squeegee and his family, which was really nice. the kids seemed to enjoy stuffing their faces with 'small' ice cream cones. i hear the 'large' sized ones are almost a foot tall! yeesh!
a guy with his lot on the main sandy pines road has a really impressive train set-up. he hadnt been out much over the summer, so the kids were enjoying the whole set while the could!