pirate adventures

using some yard tools to find our pirate treasures.
collecting those pine cones.
having some fun with good ol' mr. stick!

random ledge 40

showing off those superhero muscles of his!
teenage mutant ninja ledger!  (well, thankfully not teenage yet...  and i'm pretty sure he's not a mutant...  oh, and he's never had ninja training...  so i guess its really just ledger...  dang)
playing with his new turtle costume!
look at that big pushy!
a goofy boy and a proud daddy!
playing in the yard and grandpa allen's!
ledger wanted to put on a concert for us, so he dragged his piano to the center of the room and plunked away at those keys!  the best part was after he was done playing he got up and bowed saying 'thank you, thank you, thank you!'
trying his best to avoid bedtime...
boy in a box.
he found a pine cone that he really loved.  he asked if he could make it into a nice necklace like mama always wears.  we found a string and attached it for him, but we soon found out it wasn't actually for him to wear- he made the necklace for the tree!  what a strange boy...
kickin' it with his padpad.
making a race track with auntie barbara.

have her cake and eat it too

enjoying the great food jill prepared for us.
jill showing ledger some of their photo albums while papa and tim watched the game.
jaidey wanted to mess around with the camera on my phone and this was one of the results!

wormy balloon!

this isn't a picture of ledger being mad, its him pretending he is a balloon.  yes, he's very strange.
hurray, fun with the wormy balloon!
'no, come down here and play, wormy balloon!'

back again

zonked out on the way up.  thats what happens when you plan to drive up during his nap time!
digging in to that constructor set!
a quick visit to the mall is always welcome because then ledger gets to play on the silly rides.
being silly playing with mema!
playing out on the front lawn.

see the game, eh

we had really great seats right next to the goal.  the only problem was that all five goals of the game were scored in the other goal.  doh!
you've got to love the zambonis!
diana intently watching the first period.  over the course of the game her interest dwindled...
it was always a bit jarring when the players would check each other into the glass right in front of us!

family time

walking back to the car after church.
everyone was having a great time enjoying the weather.
we even took out a few summer toys and ledger really loved to cool cars and truck.
jackson showing his little cousin how to play with a football.
jaidey shows her mom a few cool videos online that taught her how to do some different crafts.
jackson reads to ledger as aves, jaidey, and i do some drawing at the table.
aves took ledger for a little ride on their little toy 4x4!

hiked up jamms

at first mema and the rest of us were laughing but he wasn't entirely sure why.
as he started to understand he pulled them back down.
but that stopped the laughing, so back up they went- and he started to laugh along with us!
as he was laughing he started stomping around to show off his high pants- which just made everyone laugh even harder!  oh, he loved it so much... but not as much as his mema!  she exhausted herself from laughing so much!

disc is the thing

jon just got a couple new discs, so of course that means he has to loose one while playing!  thanks for nothing, creek!
we ended the night with jeffry lee taking a look under the hood of the saturn and doing a little work on it so that it will run a bit better.  he ran a diagnostic and determined that it needed a new temperature gauge.  we went and picked one up and he had it installed and running again in no time!  thanks again, buddy!

the park next door

even with all the different things to play on, he still wanted to make sure he took the time to play in the leaves!
the little draw bridge type thing kind of scared him, but he stuck it out and braved across!
playing with daddy at the bottom of the tunnel slide!
looking down and seeing just how high he was.  it kind of freaked him out a bit, but he was feeling pretty cool about how much of a big boy he was being!
he went down this huge twisty slide all by himself!  once he got to the bottom he screamed 'again!'
doing a little exploring on his own.
he sure does look small all the way up there.  oh yeah, that's right, he is small!
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