photo dump 3

the whole family looking cute!
ooh, a nightlight!
just lounging around reading.
'hold on, grandpa, i've got to take this...'
one of the last times ledger got to use his bottle.
enjoying the slide at grandpas!
you know, just kickin' it...
what a loving mama!
i guess bert needs to take some medicine too...
reading with bella.
can you believe it?!?
watching a little tv...
playing at the park.

photo dump 2

what a yummy giraffe!
he would always stick out his tongue!
male bonding time.
who is that baby in the mirror?
absolutely beautiful!
fun on the swing!
play time- sitting up like a big boy!
getting some good tummy time.
bath at memas!
oh so sleepy.
giggling away!
out shopping with mama and dada.
goofy hair!
now that's a goofy face!

photo dump 1

happy with grandma and auntie!
our country bumpkin!
happy mama
lookin like a wrinkly old man!
so much cuteness!
sitting up, checking things out
his first love: those dumb hanging owls!
just chillin out with his skinny legs!
snug as a bug!
playing with dada on the floor
look at how small he is!
snuggling with dada
happy mama!
our new baby boy!

balance gallery 1