his first parade

we wanted to have a good spot for the parade, so we got there a bit early.  with some time to kill, we walked over to the playground and got another picture of ledger on that wonderful bear!
before the parade got started, ledger and tre decided to play with a tree.  yeah, i don't get it either...
sitting on the back of the cart, ready for the parade to begin!
ledger, excitedly pointing out the passing tractor!
all the kids of friends who watched the parade together.

boat power

i dug out the path, but didnt want to destroy the lawn, so i used a few tarps to catch the bits of lawn i cut out.  i soon replaced them, hoping that the shock of being torn out wouldn't cause the grass to die.
bad timing- it seems that there will be a storm tonight!  diana and i made sure to cover up the torn out grass so that we could still replace it after the pipe was put in.
you can definitely see where the cut out parts are, but hopefully over time those lines will disappear...

dive in!

floaties on and ready to party!
all in the water, swimming and loving it!
swimming from grandma to daddy.
loving his time in the water with grandpa and grandma!
he really loves going out on the boat!

ledger's lawn care services

taking care of clean up!
helping mema get rid of those pesky pine needles!
trailing right behind, doing his part!

the pines

every time we go to sandy pines ledger wants to go to one of the playgrounds.  this one has a big wooden bear sculpture that he always says 'hi' to, so we usually throw him on it and take a picture- so cute!
enjoying the afternoon in his little boy chair that his auntie lissa got for him last summer!

at rest

fast asleep!
as always, clutching on to that doggy for dear life!
when he got up he had to change his shirt, so we played the 'shirt hair' game- one of our favorites!
oops- the shirt got caught on his ears!

random ledge 35

hanging out with my little guy!
checking out the latest from good ol' once upon a child!  i found him a couple new pairs of shorts for the summer.  as you can see he was thrilled about it.
what a silly smile, little boy!
happy with daddy!
sneaking around the play set at grandpa's house!
pestering buddy the cat and poco with auntie barbara.
the toad ledger spotted at james' place.  he loved to look at it, but wasn't quite as keen about touching it...
sure ledger, that's how you are supposed to wear your crown...
trying out the play land at burger king.  he was having a blast, but then he got to a part that he was too short to get up.  yup, i had to try and wiggle may way in there to get him back out...
enjoying a fresh picked strawberry from the strawberry plant barbara gave us!
playing learning games on grandma's padpad.
for some reason every time ledger climbs up the slide the wrong way he says he's being 'sneaky pete'.  i'm pretty sure it has something to do with mickey mouse clubhouse, but i still don't get it...

dad's day

going down the slide of the big play set in grandpa's yard!
crawling around in the little play set too.  that boy was all over the place today!

stake and shop

ledger playing around with the car we put together- 'vroom! vroom!'
looking extra cute in that hat with his crooked smile...
fun with stickers!  hey now, you're a all star!
taking sal for a walk around the block at auntie barbara's!

more yard work!

as always, i forgot to take a before picture, but as you can see, the brick edging and mulch look pretty good!
i was very pleased with the results!
another project that needed to be taken care of was the little area on the side of the garage.  we had gotten rocks for it a month ago, but i was finally able to take a couple hours and clear out the weeds and old mulch, and fill it with beautiful rocks instead!
we've still got a few bags of rocks left.  hmm, what should be my next project to use them?

a beautiful life

all dressed up and ready for our date!  we went out to spent an afternoon together- just the two of us!
she was looking so good i couldn't pass up a photo!
look at that smile.  i've been able to convince her that my lame sense of humor is 'cute' for six years now.  pretty good scam, huh?

random ledge 34

playing with daddy's tools!
enjoying his pretzels.  not so much eating them as playing with them.  'look! i a walrus!'
looking good with his hair all spiked up!
he always loved playing with daddy's tools, now he can play with his own toolbox!
so cute!
we went out to eat with mom and david- ledger's favorite thing was the bread sticks and dip!
fun with grandpa!
stopping by grandpa allen's place for diana's birthday.  dad had a few pieces of wood around and a tin can- perfect toys for our boy!  he genuinely loved playing around with them trying to build a 'doggy house'.
every day he wants to go out and play on his swingset!
enjoying the water table mema and papa got for him for his birthday!