pub and more

i dont really remember how, but for some reason our discussion brought us to the subject of fleece vests. jeffry lee, a proud owner of two, ran upstairs to get them so he could give us a fashion show! you know what they say: 'sun's out, guns out!'
freddie, keith, diana, and barbara all chilling out at the guy's kitchen table.
we had a special guest join us for the night out- our good pal chris! he was really sick, but was willing to give it the ol' college try anyway!
i think barbara's favorite part of the night was meeting and petting aaron's pet cats!

diana felt that the house needed a little womanly touch, so she drew a pretty flower arrangement on their white board. also, note barbara's fantastic portraits of their cats...

girls versus boys

bubba leafs through the menu to see what he wants. since when has he been able to read a menu?!?
aves tagged along too for this guys lunch, but she fit in easily- and she made a bigger mess than any one else!
this one is bubba's great photographic handy work- smile, papa!
bubba didnt want me to feel left out of the pictures, so he took one of me too.