back to work

first of all, let me just say that the bed in mom and david's guest room is the most amazing bed in the entire world! its an amazingly soft king sized bed that diana and i always look forward to sleeping in when we go to visit! the funny thing about this bed is that its really high, so poco has a really tough time jumping up on it! poor thing! so we actually bring in a chair from the dinning room and set it next to the bed so our stinky dog can make it up there. ridiculous, i know...

another job i got to take care of while i was there was a bit of regrouting the chimney to try and fix a leak. while i was up there i got a great view of the lake!

diana and poco surveying the work that had been done so far. i know, honey, its not that impressive so far, but you just wait!

the ceiling looked a ton better after it had been repainted!

slowly but surely the place starts to take shape. diana picked out a color the walls and i spent the next couple days putting up as much of it as i could. will the painting never end?!? get out of my dreams paint!

big top

the girls doin' their thing out on the dance floor! tim and i just watched and laughed along with them.

we were talking so much that the time just flew by! before we knew it they were calling for closing time. after seeing these games and rides so full just an hour or two ago, it was kind of strange to see everything so vacant!

goodbye kitchen!

david and mom got this place so they could turn it into a rental property. my job, should i choose to accept it (which i did...) is to get this place in shape as soon as possible so they can start renting it out. the kitchen was disgusting and they wanted to replace everything in it, so it was my job to get rid of the old stuff.

the best part of any job: the demolition! i relieved a lot of stress that day, let me tell ya!

this used to be a kitchen, i'm pretty sure...

poco was being naughty at the house, so we brought him here to watch him. he didnt care for that one bit! he spent his time cowering by the wall- poor boy!

after everything was gone from the kitchen we covered up that nice flooring so we could get to work on the walls. i think thats enough work for one day, dont ya think? dont worry, i'll be back!

big chair

we couldnt wait for fathers day, so diana's mom gave david his gift a little early- this enormous fold out camping chair! ha! david is really tall, so it was hilarious to see him dwarfed by the size of this thing! of course we each wanted to take a turn in it, feeling kid sized again!

little baby mom!

little baby me!

this was a photo diana sent me when she and mom first saw it and bought it for david a few weeks ago. let me tell you how much i laughed when she first sent this to me- i thought it was fake or something!

memorial weekend pics 2

the kids, who we only saw for a minute, at the water park at sandy pines. they had been there for about 4 hours by this time and were visably exhausted- nap time!

tim and jill's place at sandy pines is pretty close to mom and papa's, so when they were coming over for dinner, tweets decided to rollerblade on over- so cute!

grillin up some fantastic brats, yum!

back in the day aaron would sometimes come out with me to sandy pines when we were younger and we would have a blast driving around his remote controlled car in front of the cart as we would ride around the park. well, now they have a remote controlled course! sweet! i've already told aaron that he needs to dust off that old car so we can try this course out!

um... this is a door to the bathrooms at sandy pines. please note that the company that makes the walls and doors for bathroom stalls is called 'hiny hiders'. just let that sink in for a moment...

memorial weekend pics 1

some how the kids always seem to have a few extra dollars show up when they get to the flea market (thats how we make sure we remain their favorite uncle and aunt!), so the kids usually get some fun little toy that they play with for the rest of the day. this time bubba got a cool gyroscope car thingy that we had a great time playing with when we got back!

diana and the girls went up in the loft to play while dinner was being made. those girls have such an active imagination- they could play up there with their auntie for hours!

every time i pull out my camera my mom groans 'why do you always put embarrassing pictures of us up on your blog? its time to put a picture of yourself up there!' so this is the picture mom took of us at dinner!

(this would be the kind of embarrassing picture my mother was talking about above. you are welcome!)

hows that for an embarrassing picture of me? that should keep mom happy for a while!

boys and grills

rex and freddie trying to make their best smiling faces. they both failed miserably...

allison and brains chillin out. i was a bit surprised brains didnt try to pull out his guitar and play some U2 for us- he's always trying to play U2, i think its his favorite band ever! (actually brains passionately hates U2, this is all a ploy to get him really mad at me...)

i'm not exactly sure what aaron is doing here. jeffry lee, diana, and keith dont seem to understand either...

an afternoon visit

i made the fateful mistake of showing mom some of the fun games on diana's phone- she was hooked! poco doesnt seem to mind though, he's just kickin it on mom's lap!

barbara pulled out her laptop to show off some funny youtube clips- a staple whenever she comes to town! if you dont watch the youtube clips that barbara loves then you will not understand half the things she says- he is always quoting them!

stylist diana working her magic!

spring postcard

here's the front of the postcard with the coupon on it and everything.

theres some important info on the back too (like the phone number to call for and appointment and stuff).