thanksgiving weekend

these are a few more random photos that didnt fit anywhere else, so they get a post all to themselves!
one afternoon this past weekend diana was pretty tired, so she hopped in bed for a nap while i played on the computer.
when we went over to diana's parents place, nick brought a pecan pie that he had made- and boy was it delicious!
diana wanted a turn playing on the computer too!
friday night we went out to eat with my parents and afterward we went to costco with them. i saw this huge horse, and figured id catch a little ride.

rockford 3

bubba playing tic-tac-toe with his dad.
this place has changed a ton since we first started coming here- its no longer a dark and scary smoke filled bar...

tweets enjoys coloring as her (future) aunt diana watches.

rockford 2

we had about a twenty minute wait at the corner bar, so tweets and i decided to wait outside on a bench.

tweets wanted to sharpen her photography skills by getting a picture of me making a silly face! im actually quite impressed- this picture isnt blurry at all! i could probably take some lessons from here...

rockford 1

jackson and tweets at gliks. arent they just plain and simply the cutest kids youve ever seen?!?
aves carrying around mema's purse.

jackson sporting some unusual headwear.
aves tickling the penguin's belly!

camp rock 2

adam, dusty, and i saying our goodbyes.
many people came and went throughout the night, among the visiters were: adam, jeffry lee, aaron, me, diana, kelsey, and nick.
rex, lindsey, and diana enjoying the show.

camp rock 1

adam and diana enjoying the conversation.
aaron and dusty chillin.

kelsey and nick, a couple of adams other friends, joined in the fun.

a movie, a game, and a hall

the entry area of the reception hall.
the dance floor.
a shot of the bar area.

the after party 4

jackson getting his birthday present a bit early: kung fu panda! skadoosh!
we opened up the movie and had a bunch of fun with the stickers used to seal it closed!
(dont worry, avery is fine, its just the camera that blurred her eyes a bit...)

we each took a turn looking silly!
all of us looking silly together!

the after party 3

tweets and mema talking.
tim watching the game, and papa looks like he's ready for bed!
mema playing with the kids.
tweets is quite the photographer...
aves comfortably nestled between papa and her mom.

the after party 2

jackson wanted to take pictures where we made silly faces- mission accomplished!
he looks so tired!

jackson took this picture, but it was a bit blurry, so we gave it another shot!
he liked this one, but then wanted us to take one where we made faces:
who are these crazy guys?!?

the after party 1

mom filling the dishwasher- it got quite a work out today!
diana and tweets looking at pictures.
tweets sure moves faster than the camera does...

diana had been looking at a magazine that caught tweets attention- she wanted to learn all about it!

thanksgiving feast

jackson was so excited to say the thanksgiving story, but then totally clammed up when it came time to actually do it.
around the table, enjoying the meal.
we even got a special thanksgiving call from chad who wasnt able to join us due to military training. tweets loved the chance to talk with him!
jackson finally decided he was a big boy and wanted to try reading the story again.

the carver

the turkey, ready for a good carving.
whats left.
the turkey's left side and right side. i dont think ive ever carved a turkey that had as much dark meat as this one did!