random ledge 14

crawl baby, crawl!
ledger playing with one of his favorite toys of the moment: a happy meal yoda.
training to be a gamer!
what a cute smile, ol' goofy hair!
fortunately he hasnt quite figured out how to get out of this laundry basket trap just yet...
'how about this one, dada?  this basket is fun too!'
how nice, he's offering the basket a lick of his plastic ice cream!

random ledge 13

ledger enjoying his light up toy!
now there's some wild hair!
you're looking a little cross eyed, there fella!
he sure loves that goofy wash cloth frog!
papa sneaking a little kiss!

lube food

mom and papa, the happy couple!
diana and barbara, the happy sisters!
and me, the happy photographer!
ledger seems to have some sort of strange fascination with papa's nose, because he tried to eat it again!  that seems to happen every time he's with papa...

bass shop stop

barbara came to visit over the weekend and asked diana to give her a hair cut.  look who got bangs!
ledger was really excited to see his great aunt joni for a few minutes!
he was also really excited to check out the indoor pool!
mema had heard that ledger was starting to do the crawling thing, so we stopped up at their hotel room and gave ledge the chance to show off his moves!


somebody is pretty excited about his water!
gulp gulp!

random ledge 12

lookin' like a gangsta in his track suit!
squeepy time!
hello, little guy- looking so wide eyed!
soooo cute!!!

random ledge 11

sitting on mama's lap after finishing his bottle.
those toys sure are tasty, huh?
that kid cant take his eyes off of poco, who's hanging out on the arm of my chair.