end of the night

at the hotel room diana and i, along with most of her family, stayed at even had a sign in the lobby welcoming us. we were welcomed and on the list right after 'dynamic dance', just like it should be... (i have no idea what that means...)
ladies and gentlemen: mr. and mrs. brink!

reception pics 2

robbie and his wife tracy with diana and i. they drove all the way from st. paul minn. for the wedding- thanks for coming! i'm sure diana will forever treasure the cardboard cut-out of me you gave us...
at one point during the reception, with all the glasses clinking, mom and dad were called out to stand up and kiss too! aww, so cute!
before i left to go up to grand rapids, my students signed a banner for me to put up in the reception hall, it was a cool to be able to have something from them there that night.
diana getting ready to throw her flowers at the next unsuspecting victim...

reception pics 1

diana and i enjoying our cake.
matt, me, and cardboard replacement me!
adam shared a story of when we were younger and would always go over to his house and make movies. one of the characters i would play was the beautiful and talented urga shervanka. i should really get a hold of those old videos and post some on here.
yeah right, there is no chance of that happening!!!
adam, cute as a pixie!

winding down

everyone just chilling out and talking at the end of the night.
oh that jeffry lee, he sure is a silly guy!
dusty helping out with taking everything down. we had strings of lights on all the trees during the reception and they needed to come down. thanks dusty for helping out!

ddr!: video

after our first dance we welcomed everyone out on the dance floor to join us- and a lot of people did!

ddr! 3

barbara and her mom even stepped on the dance floor for a go round!
it the girls doing a little line dancing. always amazes me when people can dance in unison without ever practicing. strange!
everyone just enjoying the fun!
oooh, lissa found a new friend!

ddr! 2

reliving our last visit to the cabin, aaron danced and sang along to vanilla ice!
(be sure to enjoy the cabin version again here!)
aaron inquired us to check out the hook while the dj revolved it. you tell em, aaron, you tell the world!
a crowd of onlookers were quite impressed with aarons 'mad skillz'...

ddr! 1: mother and son

mom and i doing the ol' mother and son dance.
my mom, much to my surprise, even kept it together and didn't cry!

first dance

matt was nice enough to take a couple pictures for us while we were having our first dance.
she sure looks beautiful, doesn't she?

cardboard me

robb, me, and me posing for a portrait!
lucky diana, now she gets two of me- i dont think she bargined for that...
bubba and tweets arent entirely sure what to make of this extra uncle mark!
matt, who i taught with in indiana, really wanted to be part of a 'mark sandwich', so of course i obliged...

tweet cam

tweets was close by diana's side all night, she really loved her new aunt's dress! she still has some learning to do on how to take a good photograph, such as: don't move the camera all about while the picture is being taken. but other than that, she does a pretty good job!
i guess tweets really wanted a picture of aunt diana's necklace. and the ceiling.
again, she might need a little help with keeping the blur down...

reception time 2

here's lissa, miranda, nick, and barbara. one of these people wasn't one of diana's bridesmaids, can you guess which one?
tweets, jill, tim, and bubba having a good time!
the rest of the front table: adam, his girlfriend danielle, carrie and dusty.
the boys from the top table: jeffry lee, rex, aaron, and molly who came as aaron's date.

reception time 1

diana and i at the head table. for some reason it looks a ton darker than it really was...
diana and i thought it was important for the dates of the people in the wedding party to actually be able to sit with them, so we had a huge head table! it was too big to have just in one row, so they had to put out risers and have a front and back table! here, at the front table, is tim and jill along with their kids.
looking out over the room, you can see some of the other tables that the guests sat at. also, at the lower level of the head table you can see dusty, his wife, and adam's girlfriend.
rex seems to be very focused and deep in thought. there must be something quite unusual on his plate...

church clean up

clean up begins- we got rid of the unity candle table and eveyrthing, now we just need to clean up the trees and white frilly stuff!
with everything back where it was found, we are ready to roll out and head to the reception!

the ceremony 4

my nephew and neice were our ring bearer and flower girl for the wedding, they were so cute and did such a great job!!!
ah, there she is! the beautiful diana being taken down the isle by her father!

the ceremony 3

i shake the hand of each of the guys as they walk past. here i shake rex's hand.
aaron gives me a good hearty handshake.
for jeffry lee i knew a handshake wasn't going to be good enough, so i give him a little one armed hug, and a little something extra...
some times you just have to give your best man a hard slap on the butt- 'good game!', you know?

the ceremony 2

diana's dad and mom walked up together, and my parents walked up together to each light a candle on the table where our unity candle sat.
here they light the candle signifying the life of diana and i individually.
pastor randy and i walked down together, he walked up on stage, and i waited down by the pews for everyone else to walk down. each of the guys walked down and gave me a hand shake.