heaven thankful walking too video 2

both aves and tweets belt out a tune this time. we even get a little mugging from bubba!

heaven thankful walking too video 1

aves shares with us her stirring rendition of 'jesus loves me'. we laughed for hours!

a fur real kitty

aves was so overjoyed that she immediately ran over to mema for a thank you hug!
after mema, she ran over to papa to thank him as well!
here she is, beaming with joy, over her new pet kitty!

the gift parade 2

at bubba's school they had a day where they went through a 'gift store' and they could buy gifts for their families. bubba went through and picked out different things for each member of the family, and wouldnt you know it, he did a great job! each of the gifts he got were perfect for who they were given to. to mema he gave a lipstick case with a mirror, cause he knows how much she checks her make-up, for papa he got a keychain that said 'worlds best grandpa' and even included a drawing on the back that he did himself, for diana he got some shampoo stuff, because he knows she does hair, and i got a hat from cabella's because he remembered the last time they came down we went to the cabella's near our house! what a thoughtful little guy, huh? i wish i had been that bright when i was his age! thanks for the great gifts, bubba!
diana receives her thoughtful gift from bubba and thanks him so much!
everyone gathers around as a gift is unwrapped.
tweets and aves got new sets of pajamas, which they wanted to show off by hiking the pants up as high as they would go!

the gift parade 1

tweets and papa just hanging out.
aves and diana waiting for gift time to start.
timmy opening one of his gifts as the kids look on.

tweets got a long sweater (im sure there is a special name for this article of clothing, i just dont know it) from mema, they had been shopping weeks ago and tweets really really wanted it. mema was sneaky and went back to get it for her- tweets was very pleased!

a call from abroad

one of the fondest memories i have of christmas growing up is my brother's gift wrapping skills. he always wrapped the gifts he got for everyone himself. the thing is though, he did not subscribe to the 'traditional' form of wrapping gifts, he seemed to create some sort of alternate style of wrapping. some may call it 'bad', or 'incompetent', but no- his form of wrapping was almost beautiful in its lack of logic. he would never want anyone to be able to guess what they got, so he would put the gifts in boxes, as well as any other object that might be strewn about, such as cans of corn, laundry detergent, dish rags. you name it, he would stuff it in the box with the gift just to throw us off. it often worked too! as for the wrapping? well, it was something to behold. not necessarily something good, but certainly something to behold...
since chad wasnt there to wrap his gifts to all of us, mom took it upon herself to keep chad's wrapping 'style' alive by recreating his method for gift giving. he obviously had a ton of fun doing it! here are some of her works in the style of chad!
i dont think tweets quite understood what was going on as she looked at the gift from chad...

one of the gifts chad gave was a sledding board for bubba! he was very excited to try it out. they have a hill in their backyard, so he was excited to try it out just as soon as they got home!

christmas dinner

deviled eggs!!! my favorite!!!

you might be able to tell from the picture just how excited i was! dont worry, i didnt eat all of them, tweets had one...

presents await!

aves got some legos for christmas (girl legos, that means they are pink and stuff...) and showed aunt diana how to play with them.
each of the kids opening their first gift of the day!
bubba got a big set of lego spaceships, he immediately went to work building them!

frostys and fries

tweets and i at wendys.
bubba and i at the bookstore just before lunch.
aves and i at the bookstore ready to leave.

diana, looking so so cute, and i at wendys with the family.

nerdy gifts

i immediately took one out to see it- they are really cool! the little icons are even on the gate as well, i nerded out on her and even showed her which icon represents earth.
here is a shot of this lovely coaster in action!

play like a girl video

the girls showing off their dolls. and, as always seems to happen when the video camera is out, they break into dance!

play like a girl

aves, the computer savvy 2 year old, busy playing games online.
tweets is always hamming it up for the camera!
i'm not sure why, but aves wanted to show me her tounge...
after showing the girls how to wrap a baby in a blanket, they wanted to be wrapped up too!

massive movie day 2: the sequel

jeffry lee, myself, and rexy snuggling in for our second movie: men who stare at goats.
the woodland theater where we started our day of movie watching! a good theater at a really good price!

after avatar we stopped by bw3 for a drink and food, here is tim, brains, freddie, greg, and jeffry lee (looking a bit uncomfortable with his father here with him...)

the verve show '09 2

diana and i enjoying the verve pipe concert!
jeffry lee and i singing along to our favorite songs!
one of the funniest parts of the night was when jeffry lee played 'have you met ted?' with freddie- ha!

five years and counting, these guys put on a killer show- especially when griff is on stage rocking the harmonica!

the verve show '09 1

keith and jeffry lee chillin' in the big chairs in the lounge of the intersection.
angela, jeffry lee, and aaron chatting it up about favorite concerts they have been to.
papa vegas got the show rockin right!

then the verve pipe got on stage and the party hit high gear!

the mall and a meal 2

bubba unwrapping his birthday gift from diana and i.
we gave him a new game for his ds, which he proceeded to play immediately!

when the waitress saw that bubba was unwrapping gifts, she asked bubba to stand on his seat. she announced it to the whole restaurant, which then proceeded to sing happy birthday to him in unison. i think he loved the attention, but boy was he shy about it!

the mall and a meal 1

bubba's favorite part of the night: the fact that he got to brush all the peanut shells on to the floor!
aves and tweets playing around at logans. nice face, tweets!

aves with her favorite aunt, the lovely diana.

poco and the bear video

here is a funny video of poco playing with his favorite toy: a really tiny squeeky teddy bear!

poco and the bear

poco stares down the teddy bear. he looks like he's about to pounce! he's not though, he's much too lazy for that...
often times poco will go and get his teddy bear and just set it in front of him, waiting for us to notice so we can be impressed with his toy. it never works. (although, it sure is impressive!)
he looks like he's some sort of hostage here, huh?
poco's other favorite passtime when he's not playing with his teddy bear: looking out the window.

he spends almost every waking moment (and all the moments he's not awake) chillin out in his favorite blanket!