he always wants to make a boy and a girl version of everything- and then tape them to diana and my bedroom!

decorating for christmas

setting up the new tree was pretty simple and ledger loved every minute of it!
he loved putting the ornaments on the tree- he also just loved to climb up and down that step ladder!
mama and ledge getting the tree looking just right!
checking it out with the lights off.
we have a really high ceiling in our living room, so we got one of those crazy disco light stars for the top of the tree- and boy does it look cool!

new bed

it felt like it came from ikea or something- so many pieces!
its coming together!
ahhh!  the first time he crawled in he felt like such a cool guy!
livin' it up!

ledger's first movie

before the show checking out the theater.
pretty impressed with how huge the screen is!
he totally loved it!  certainly a boy after his daddy's own heart!

moving again

ledger's bedroom.
our little boy peeking over the railing leading up to the loft.
ledge playing in the living room.
the loft is now ledger's new toy room, he's got that whole place filled up with all his toys- its his own little fun room!

regent theatre

the movie that i got to see in this magnificant theater was 'the martian'.  it was pretty cool!
the one screen theater on the inside.
waiting in line at the concession stand.
ready for the movie to start.  man, i love this place!

table time

i draw the picture, he colors it!
he tried writing 'cat' a few times- and was so proud of himself when he did it!
we even taped his work on the fridge so he could show it off.
trying his new 'table time' book!