the happy couple

i haven't posted any pictures of diana and i on here recently, so here are a few of them over the past couple weeks!
diana and i hanging out at her pad.
this one is from the wedding shower diana had with my mom's side fo the family. at the end i showed up to thank everyone and help pack up all the new stuff we got!
diana just got her ring back from getting them put together and redipped- its ridiculously shiny!

painting, round 3. 2

it starts to take shape as the first layer goes up.
i had a little step ladder for the first time while doing the bedroom- wow what a difference that makes! getting the top few inches is so much easier!
the second layer looks really good!
it kind of looks orange in this picture, but that's because the light kind of blew out the correct color. dumb camera.

painting, round 3. 1

i spackeled the trim up real good. i rather enjoy the whole spackeling process...
taping up the edges of the door frame and window.
its kind of funny about painting, you first have to make it look terrible in order for it to look really good. the primer always looks really bad by itself.

new carpet! 6

the office looks nice when its all done and vacuumed.
it rained all day and timmy needed somewhere to put the old carpet he had taken out of the house. he didn't want to have to bring back waterlogged carpet, so we rolled it and just crammed it in outside by the door under the roof!
timmy packs up all the leftovers in the van- it looks like its more full now then when he arrived! soon after he heads back home. thanks tim- you are the best brother-in-law ever! i owe you one (or more...)

new carpet! 5

when i was getting everything ready for their arrival i created quite a mess in the living room.
oh, it didn't stop there! i also had a huge mess in the bedroom.
with all the different rooms we worked in, a large part of the job was just moving things out of one room, putting them in another, and then repeating the process when we were ready for the next floor. along the way, we accumulated
a rather large mess.
the stuff in the living room was too big to put in any of the other rooms, so we just had to shift it all on to the side of the room with vinyl flooring.

new carpet! 4

papa cutting the trim outside in the cold.
timmy tears out the old carpet in the living room.
still a bit fo a mess, but the new carpet looks great!

new carpet! 3

papa had brought some more trim this time so he could finish the project we worked on last time he was down. this little area is for shelves, but we tore them down when we removed all the trim. papa cut them and put them up where they had been before. we are really glad to have some more shelving!
after the shelving was done, papa finished up the job in the little nook between the bathroom and the furnace room.
one last little fix up of the wood vinyl in the hallway.
lunch break! whenever papa and tim come down we always have schoops for lunch. they have some of the best burgers in town! its always really good, but usually makes us slower for the rest of the day with our full bellies.

new carpet! 2

the carpet in the bedroom was way beyond disgusting! it had been like that well before i moved in, fortunately i had it covered up by my bed all those years so i didn't have to see it!
the carpet torn up shows that at one point, the whole apartment used to be just tile!
the soft padding goes in.
timmy always making sure that the smallest of details is not overlooked...
stretching the carpet to make everything tight.

new carpet! 1

timmy decided to start in the office, so out went the old carpet!

once the old stuff was out, tim put down the padding and poured down some glue to make sure it stuck!
stretch and tuck- all in a days work for a carpet layer!
tim brought over three different rolls of carpet for the house. the roll that he used in the office was the only one i was worried about. it has strange swirly designs on it and i was worried that diana wouldn't like it. no need though, when she saw it she really loved it!

moving day

i had the unenviable task of turning this...
into this!
and this was the result!
it was a lot of work, but it got done and my dad and tim were happy about that.

dead car

this is what it looked like in its prime...
now, its not quite as pretty. it still looks alright, but that whole 'not working' thing brings it down a bit in quality.
i opened it up and cleaned it out for the first time since the summer.
for some reason when i got a joy electric cd while i had this car i put the little plastic seal stickers on the overhead viser.

the last visit: dance video!

the last visit 6

aaron enjoying a few chips while we chat.
tee hee hee, don't tell aaron what we did to his computer settings!
rockin out in my cool hat.
i spent so many late nights playing monopoly on gamecube that it was really really cool to be able to play it with someone instead of just me!

the last visit 5

scary, huh?
aaron just hanging out on the couch.
come on jeffry lee, no gang signs...
showing off his prettiest smile