settling in

according to my annual 'rotate-a-design' room guide, this years decoration theme is video games! but only cool nintendo characters- i have standards, after all...

diana in hats

i think the title is fairly self explanatory...

wii babysat 2

after aves had her bath i brushed her hair and gave her a really funny rooster tail!

speaking of roosters, while we were outside playing the chickens from next door decided they wanted to join in!

moving time

getting things in order

diana and i busy working at school.

wii babysat

papa and a tv comforting jackson after his fall.
tim and jackson wiiing it up!
tweets is ready for bed.

downtown holland

jill and diana talking with the employee as tweets combs the shelves for anything she can get her hands on.
tweets is ready for her tap classes now!

aves practices her skills at the uneven bars...

fridays... again

rex, freddy, and aaron,
myself and jeffry lee enjoying that amazing atmosphere that only fridays can offer.
i have a random photo of aarons garage, so i figured i would throw that in as a little bonus. your welcome.

officer chad

tricks of the trade 2

tweets coloring the kids menu.
jackson never leaves the house without at least one transformer...
mom and dad enjoying the food and the kids.

tricks of the trade 1

jackson and tweets took turns taking pictures, so im not entirely sure who gets credit for which ones, but they are... um... amazing, arent they?

house party! 8

bethany, warming up, and aaron ready to call in a night.
blurry rex and jeffry lee saying their goodbyes.
you know its time to call in a night when the host has fallen asleep...

house party! 7

rex, chris, and a fuzzy jeffry lee talking cars.
jeffry lee about to lay the smack down on freddy.
aaron ponders what its really all about.
freddy looks bored, and jeffry lee has found a new toy: his chin!

house party! 6

aaron and jeffry lee talking it through.
jeffry lee and bethany appreciating the garage wall.
rex showing off his lightning fast moves.
aaron, again, messing with the mix playlist.
aaron and bethany chatting, and freddy yawning, ready for bed.