notre game

diana and i sitting at the tailgater having a good time!
at one point there was even a guy playing a bagpipe wandering around the parking lot playing for tips!
the stadium was packed by notre dame fans! not quite sure where we fit in though...
vince, sara, diana and i enjoying the rain. oh, and the game too.

where the majority of the 'tailgatin' took place.

poco again

its been too long since i put up some pictures of our cute little beast! check out what he's been up to lately: why does he have a sock on his head? the better question is why doesnt he always have a sock on his head! he is so cute!
it looks like he is gazing off into the distance, thinking about life, the universe, and everything... he really is a philosopher, that one!
why are you looking at me? i dont have any food for you.
he's wondering why his dad is always taking pictures. his mom wonders the same thing...
ha! he is so tiny!

mulch better after

oh, now that looks much better, right? diana was very pleased with the new look- its like we got a new front yard!
see dad, i do take care of the lawn... sometimes!

new members

it was a great day for diana and i. we were very excited to join our new church and have so many loved ones around us to celebrate with us!
on the way out i saw bubba walking with his shirt untucked and i just thought he looked so cool in that parking lot, so i took a picture and i think its a good one, so i figured i would share it!

games and dolls

bubba got sick of playing ds against me because he didnt know how to play any of my games... oh well, he still had fun playing his own games!
after a while he wanted to just play some good old fashioned mario kart with his dear old dad!
the girls had soo much fun playing with aunt diana's barbies!