'funny!' ledger says when he felt the trimmer vibrating.
hold steady, little one!
a constant battle, but worth the cute result!
tavish decided he wanted to help out, so he grabbed the broom and started sweeping up the hair!

playing at the table

what to draw? what to draw?  oh, the possibilities are endless!  (actually, i'm pretty sure it will be a squiggle...)
'blue! blue!'
so hard at work, deep in thought about his next great artwork!
for his birthday, tavish got some play-do.  ledger isn't quite sure about the play-do itself, but he sure loves to stack the containers!

balance gallery 4

balance gallery 3

balance gallery 2

random ledge 29

looking out at all the rain.
having fun with daddy!
chowing down on his favorite: bananas!
big smiles with papa!
checking out grandpa allen's painting studio!
so clever- ledger decided to turn this container for blocks into a makeshift chair!
ledger and i went to walmart for a few things and i set him down in the toy department and just let him loose!  he was totally loving it!  dont worry, i made sure to put back anything that he messed with.  i've worked retail before, so i know how rude it is to just leave messy isles...
so cute!
for the first time in my life, i've gotten to take advantage of those funny kids carts at the grocery store- ledger totally loved it!  it sure made shopping easier too- he kept himself busy in there the whole time!
um, i think that hat might be a little small for you, ledger...

tavish's birthday!

tavish crafting the fantastic pirate cake for tavish's birthday party!
it turned out really well!
ledger wasnt a huge fan of the hat, but had a great time- he loved mamma's hat though!
blowing out the candles!
he might not have cared for the hat, but ledger definitely loved the eye patch!

brinksgiving 2

papa was sitting in his chair enjoying an apple.  ledger kept pulling on his sleeve asking 'bite?' mema grabbed another one so he could have his own- and he chowed down on that sucker!
ledger's favorite new stuffed animal: mema's cute little doggy- big hugs!
he hardly set it down the whole weekend!
coloring with his mom.
mema often has a whole bin full of wood animal toys for ledger to play with, but tonight she went all out and brought down the ark that they belong with- ledger was loving it!  he played the part of noah and stuffed all of them in that boat!