rental work

when david first purchased the place, the old central air unit was in pretty bad shape.  the old owners had built the deck around it thinking it would last forever.  wrong.  so when david replaced it, the new one was put on the deck, which left a pretty big whole from the last one.  that meant that i needed to cover up that dangerous whole so that the deck would be safe and usable.  no problem!
the front door never had a proper step at the entry way, so i removed some of the patio stones to clear a space for a nice wooden step to welcome you in to the house.  i was able to take a lot of the extra wood from previous projects and fashion together this front landing.  it turned out pretty nice.
with the old overgrown fire pit cleared up, i brought over a bunch of landscaping stones to create a new place to gather and have a bonfire.  looks inviting!

random ledge 23

diana and barbara playing 'barnyard' along with ledger- he is already so good at knowing all the animal names and loves to make their sounds!
rock star in training...
one one end of the room he's got all his toys, on the other end, all his books.  its funny to watch him play for a while with toys, then want to spend some time with his favorite books!
stompin' around in his pj's!
bathtime!  why did he need to take a bath?  please look at the next picture to find out...
nom nom nom!
he loves to set up scenes for his little critters!
learning all there is to know, with the help of his pal Buddy!

visiting grandpa

grandpa, so proud to have his grandson.  grandson, so sick of being held- 'let me down, i want to get in to more trouble!'
the latest addition to dad's house- now that he's got a frightening killer chihuahua, he had to make sure everything was properly documented and the neighbors were warned...

random sandy

diana rocking out on the golf cart driving it herself!
ledger always loves it when mama reads to him!

sandy play

as it was getting to be about nap time, diana decided she needed a nap too, so the two of them laid down on the couch for a little while for some mama/son bonding time!  these two are soo  cute!

first fireworks

he's not entirely sure what to think of this all, but he certainly couldnt take his eyes off the sky!
one of the girls had a a couple of little glow sticks that they played with at the fireworks, when we got back ledger just went nuts over those things!  we turned off all the lights and he just went on an excitement rampage waving them around all over the place!  i'm sure he could have kept going with those things for another hour, but it was time to get him back in bed.  using a bit of trickery and distraction, we were finally able to pry them out of his hands and tuck him in again.  what an exciting day!

make 'em sparkle

jackson whirling around his sparkler trying to write his name in the air.
aves, double fistin' in!
the girls having a blast with their own fireworks!

4th party

jon promised us that he didn't pee himself, but his shorts tell a different story, right?  when he went in to the bathroom they were dry, and this is what they looked like when he came out.  i'll let you be the judge of whether or not we should trust him...


ledger shows tavish how to play with the toy i brought from home, pushing all the buttons so tavish and grandma would get to see and hear everything!
lookin' cool, dude!
ledger and tavish play with the awesome barn set grandma got for them!
ledger helping alanna out with some vacuuming!

random ledge 22

helping mama stay awake.  you know how much diana hates to sleep, so it was really nice of ledger to give a helping hand...
oh, he loves grandpa so much!
he is not happy at all!

random ledge 21

an always welcome visit from dear ol' sis!  she even brought lunch!
ah, a handyman in the making!
ledger rockin' out to his tunes!
ledger and sal having a very serious conversation about life, love, and eating random crumbs off the ground...
time to eat, little one!
makin' raspberries at dada!
good morning, sleepy head!
i'm not sure who has their mouth open wider, ledger or grandma... teach by example, huh?

old toys made new

apparently big bird tastes pretty good...
his other favorite toy?  the thomas the tank engine tent!
his own private room- no adults aloud!
he could spend hours just bouncing in and out of that thing!
he's very focused in there.  i have no idea what he's doing, but he's very focused on it...

baby pool

the first time he walked up to it he wasnt exactly sure what was going on, but he quickly got over that fear and stomped right in!
the next day he wanted to go in again, this time we learned from our sunny mistake and put the pool half way under the shade of the house- much better!