christmas pics

tim and jills kids opening their prizes
mom with her new toy
jackson excited by his gift from uncle chad, all the was from new mexico!
jill opening her big gift

WII!!!!!!!!!!!! part 2

here are a few shots of me playing the wii. we only played it for about a half hour that night because we were so exhausted from waiting in line for 24 hours before with very little sleep. so, after a short session of fun, we totally crashed out and slept the following 11 hours...

WII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! part 1

after we got back from buying a wii, the guys and i figured we should document this monumentous event. what follows are the pictures of the purchase of the wii: she's a beauty, huh?
needless to say, i am fairly excited...
this was the number i was in line. there were only eight available, so i got pretty lucky
the contents layed out


i finally figured out how to get pictures from my old digital camera onto my computer (thanks a ton to jeffry lee), so i figured i should post what ive got.

each year i decorate my classroom. i try to do something that i think is cool, after all, im going to be looking at it for the rest of the year... a couple years ago i put up characters from the comic book 'bone', last year i put up all kinds of video game characters (needless to say, they were all nintendo based...). this year i decided to go for superheros. here are a few pictures of what i made.
superman with a huge cape.
superfast flash
captain america keeps a close watch over the clock...

updates coming soon

my parents got a new digital camera about a year ago. when they got it they asked me if i would like the old one. i said yes, even though i didnt have anything to load then onto (no computer at the time...). this weekend when i went home i decided to take them up on that offer, so now i have an old digital camera! im not sure yet if this computer will read it because my dad lost the program disk that came with it. so, maybe i wont have new pictures... but if it does work i will be able to put up some more current pics! heres to hoping!

sports summer camp shirt

i dont get to do much drawing these days. actually, let me rephrase that. i dont like to do much drawing these days, but when i get the inspiration it sometimes turns out fairly well. matt asked me to make a design for the school's sports summer camp shirt. so i did. heres what i came up with. its pretty busy and full, but i kind of like it. the camp is for soccer, basketball, volleyball, and track. so i put the three balls near the bottom, and i put a running track around the words like a saturn ring. the school name became a banner at the top, and the school mascot was put at the bottom. it will be a royal blue shirt with the design in black and white. not my best, but a my first real attempt at shirt design since i left art behind.

electric joy!

my hero and me. this is a picture of the joy electric show i went to with aaron, rex, and jeffry lee way back in november (im a little slow in developing my pictures...). it was an awesome concert, and it was even cooler because i got there way too early. i was early enough to see ronnie martin and a couple other guys just hanging around out front of the building before the show. i went over there and actually got to chill and chat with him for about a half hour! it was totally awesome!!!

the whole family

this is a photo from a while back. its from the last time chad came home, right around moms birthday. for her birthday we celebrated by going out to a nice restaurant with everybody. i like this shot because we are hardly ever able to all get together lately.

a great shot

this is my esteemed colleque and friend matt. well, at least until he sees that i posted this picture...