checkers and ice cream

diana walking up to the counter at the ice cream shop.
they have cows all over the place, including the windows!
the chess board built into the table.

smore please

everyone hanging out on the back porch ready for the fire.
diana's step-dad gets the fire roaring!

the other lake 3

a beautiful view of the cloudy sky, the sun is trying to peak through!
you can hardly see him, but poco is over there trying to see over the fence at the geese in the neighbor's yard. sorry poco, but i'm pretty sure any one of them could easily take you out- you don't stand a chance!
the peppers, ready to be cut, were part of the meal diana's step-dad prepared for us. it was delicious!
poco, chillin out on my lap, enjoying the beautiful day.

the other lake 2

everyone heads out for the second ride of the day!
this time they are planning to hop in the water and cool off.
swimming in the middle of the lake.
poco and i opted out of this ride, but dont worry- there will be another!

the other lake 1

poco, looking for any yummy fish to attack!
david waves us off as we go for our first boat ride.
mom steers while diana enjoys the sun and the view!
the house, from a distance.

rockets red glare video

before the fireworks, the kids got to play with some of the sparklers they had brought!

timmy wanted to play with the sparklers too!

rockets red glare 2

there were some really cool fireworks this year!
a couple of them blew up a little low, but everyone was ok.
hmm... maybe they are ready for bed...

rockets red glare 1

we arrived at the spot we had picked earlier that evening, a clear view of the fireworks that get shot off the island.
bubba had some little glow sticks on his collor, but we thought it would be funnier if he put it on his ears- we were right!
one of the bright explosions during the display!

squeegee pics 4

another great photo!
they even got bubba in on the fun!

squeegee pics 3

i'm not entirely sure, but i think the blurriness is unintentional...
hey, who's that good looking guy?

squeegee pics 2

wow. quite a screw...
notice the artistry- i have no idea what it is either...

squeegee pics 1

squeegee and the guys stole the camera and decided to have a little fun with it. here are the results:

july 4th fun

all the guys just sitting around enjoying the day together.
bubba eating a piece of watermelon- its the same color as his lips!
digger and bubba playing with the helicopter he got at the flea market, squeegee overlooks the activities approvingly.

sandy guys

aaron, rex, and diana just chillin on the porch of freddie's place.
diana and i enjoying the swing.

candy bags 2

tim and aves enjoying the fun of it all!
the wife prefers the comfort of a cushy seat- cant blame her there!
there were even a couple tractors in the parade- bubba's favorite part.

candy bags 1

everyone lines up, ready for the parade!
jill and the kids frantically picking up as much candy as they can!
the decked out carts drive by, throwing their sugary goodness for the kids to enjoy.
squeegee and digger, a couple old friends from sandy pines, watch the parade with jill, tim, and the kids.