after his work on the swing set earlier, he was obsessed with tools- so he was all over the assembling of this swing!
until he got comfortable with the smiley car swing, he still had a blast on the slide!  wee!

playground at home

he was absolutely thrilled with what he saw!  he ran over to it and kept saying 'swings! swings!'
when he came out, david and i were still tightening up each of the bolts to make sure it was good and sturdy.  this, of course, interested him more than the swing set itself!  he wanted a tool to tighten everything up too, so i handed him a wrench and he went around to each of the bolts wiggling the wrench around it saying 'i tools.  i tools!'
we couldnt have done it without his extra help in getting those bolts nice and tight!

too mulch work

 not bad, huh?  we were really thrilled with how it turned out.  the only problem was the fact that this is only a small portion of the work that needs to be done!  oh well, you have to start somewhere, right?

random ledge 33

playing with his padpad, wearing daddy's hat!
showing off one of his favorite toys: his octonaughts submarine he got from mema for christmas!
relaxing and watching some tv while riding lucky! yehaa!
blowing bubbles with auntie barbara in the back yard!
watching toons sippin' on some milky...  now that's the life!
i pulled out for the first time one of the riding toys in the garage and ledger was lovin' it!
at aunt jills- he takes out all the toys so he can play with the container, of course.
sleeping on the couch with his dear old daddy!
so exhausted he couldnt even take off his hat before falling asleep!

play ball! 2

ledger living it up over in the children's play area!
one of the highlights of the game for ledger was getting to meet- and hug!- swoop, the silverhawks' mascot!
borrowing a hat from one of veronica and rob's sons, ledger was lookin' pretty cool!
playing around with aunt miranda in the stands.

play ball! 1

ledger has never seen a game of baseball in his life.  not in person or on tv, but somehow he seemed to understand what was going on.  we loaded him up in the car and told him 'we're going to a baseball game', figuring he had no idea what that meant.  i'm sure he didn't, but for the rest of the ride he kept saying 'baseball!' as if he knew what that meant!
all winter he refused to wear a hat, so as spring approaches it would make sense that he's finally willing to wear one, huh?
rockin' his new baby aviator sunglasses and hat with mama and aunt miranda!
oh that's right, there was a baseball game going on...
at one point one of the balls went out of bounds right by our seats, so when the first baseman came to get it he threw it up to me to give to ledger!  his first baseball!  he was beyond thrilled!
the sprinkler area- it shot out mist and water up through the sprinkler system as a cooling off area, but since it was only 45 degrees, we didn't really want to cool down...

mr. potato eggs?

ledger thrilled about his really cool mickey mouse easter basket- thanks grandpa!
he found one!  he probably thought it was a bit strange that his mr. potato heads were chillin out on the deck for some reason...
'bubbas!  moa bubbas!'  auntie barbara was more than willing to give him exactly what he wanted!
hey, another random mr. potato head out here on the deck.  you know, that normal, right?
it was so cute to watch him try to catch the bubbles!  it was entertaining for him to try and probably more entertaining for us to watch!
sporting his new baby aviators (or 'babyators' as they are called) that his auntie got him!
he was also really excited about getting a few little skateboards (or as he calls them 'bee boards!') to play with and have his little toy figures ride on.
he wouldnt even part with it when it was nap time!