minion house

a proud boy so happy with the results!
it turned out pretty well- and so cute!

allegan walk

taking a minute at the dock to pretend we are fishing!
making fun block buildings at the library!
... and down it goes!

grandparents day

mema stopped by ledger's preschool for grandparents day!  there were special events and activities planned for the kids to show off all the fun stuff that they have been up to over the past year.  ledger was really excited to have here there, and mema was thrilled to have a special guest!

air zoo 2

some of the rides at the air zoo.
going up in the balloon ride with friends!
trying out one of the other rides.

more rides!
he didn't feel so good on the ride home, car sickness and all, but at least we were together!

air zoo 1

learning about flying and how kites work.
jackson and ledger making their kite craft.
exploring the nasa craft.
fun in the cockpit!
wandering around with his friends, checking out the sights.

kids museum

playing in the vw bug with his friends!
making huge bubbles!
a life size kaleidoscope!
building some great creations with the giant building blocks!
the kids loved poking around in the house ledger and i built.
fun with rubber bands!

allen bday 2

digging in to the presents.
a special message to grandpa and grandma!
creating a fun robot!
auntie b and james got him some modeling clay!
checking out rocks with the ladies.

allen bday 1

everyone gathered around for the festivities!
lighting the candles and singing.
now that's a happy little boy!
chow down, buddy!
opening prizes was his second favorite part...

random ledge 62

playing with the leftover halloween band aids...
playing dress-up at auntie barbaras with her niece and nephews!
fun story time at the library!
filling up our new bird feeder!
watching his little capsules grow into foamy animals!
getting spoiled with some ice cream while out with daddy!
goofy foam hair in the tub!
his two favorite things- minions and bb-8!
scoping out the area from his perch...
pancakes with a smile!
building with dominoes!
a special trip to skyzone!
a special hug with mema- he can never get enough of those!  ...and neither can she!

birthday party! 2

opening up his minion prizes!
so many prizes!
mema and papa got him a bike!  he wasnt too sure about it, but we were thrilled!
finally- cake time!
good ol' blue tongue!
ledger got to try his first ever pinata!  he totally loved giving that thing a good whack!  jackson might have gotten a bruise or two for his troubles...
checking out their loot...