birthday fish

found him- the perfect blue beta for our little boy!
setting up the new fish tank, getting it all set for its new resident.

he spent the entire night just watching that little guy swim around and explore his new home.
he was a little sad that he couldn't pet bluety, but figured he could still give him a hug...  (i'm pretty sure this is one of the cutest pictures ever taken by anyone ever.)

shawn's birthday

shawn taking a break from all the crazy birthday fun to grab a bite of pizza- got to refuel!
changing in his tickets for points so he can get some of the free toys!
this one was a bit too spooky for him...

random ledge 61

not entirely sure what sort of 'science' project he was trying to do here, but i'm glad we caught him before there was any broken glass...
who says halloween costumes are just for halloween?  not our boy, that's for sure!
'don't mind me, i'm just eatin' oatmeal and bein' cute...'
out playing at the playground!
making crafts (which usually means making robots...)
ledge enjoying the carousel during another museum visit!
playing with coins, learning what each one of them is called.

lego batman

the three of us ready for showtime!
up front they had a cityscape for the kids to take pictures with batman.  ledge got there before batman, but still wanted a picture!
the caped crusader and my own personal boy wonder!

mikey likes birthday parties

ledger made a special card just for mikey.
mikey's new born cousin was at the party and ledger was really excited to hold her.
ledger was all about playing with mikey's brother's pet snake!

museum day 2

our little spaceman!
the special exhibit at the museum this time was all about whales- they even had this life-size model of a whale's heart for the kids to play in!
mama and ledge being silly in the kids exhibit!

museum day 1

ledge was totally amazed at how big the whale skeleton was!
in the little 'gaslight village' area there was a man working at the printing press, showing kids how it worked and making special prints just for them.  ledge was entranced!
checking out the carriage car.
posing like a model, as he so often does!

random ledge 60

playing with magnet blocks at the library!
being silly at the m store!
rockin' out on sandy the horse!
using his building blocks to create an obstacle course for bb-8!
a cute family pic, embracing the holiday spirit!
showing off his new jamms!  they had pajama day at school, so we got him a cute onesie.
stopping in to say hi to the fish at cabella's.
chowing down on pancakes at macs!
he found a bandage on one of the shelves in the bathroom, so of course he had to dress up as a mummy!

christmas morn 2

one of the funny things about our boy is how much he loves to draw.  i'm actually starting to think its more than just something he likes to do, but rather something he needs to do.  after he opened all his gifts, he set them all up on the kitchen table and proceeded to draw the whole lot of them.
its almost as if he was drawing them as a way of processing it in his mind, like it wasn't real until he drew it out.
well, after that he just wanted to move them around and take it all in- so he piled them all on the counter next!

christmas morn 1

a happy boy posing with all the prizes he got for christmas!
he was excited to get a blippi doll- its from one of his favorite shows to watch.
we got him a couple games as well, taking the time to play each one as he opened it.
setting up all his toys and games!
taking a little break from the action on his new bb-8 rug for his room!
he was super excited to get this pet kitty- he had seen it in the stores for months and always reminded us that its what he wanted for christmas.  finally, he had it for himself!