short and sweet

mema got such a kick out of seeing ledger play with his toys and wiggling around on his blanket!
ledger was a hilarious treat at lunch- he was playing around with the menus, the straw wrappers, the sugar packets- basically anything he could get his hands on!  and just like the rest of his family, he sure did love those crab rolls!
after lunch mema wanted one last chance to change ledger and spend a few extra seconds with him!
saying goodbye (much too soon)!

new toys!

spin that wheel, ledger!
'dada, can i have even MORE toys???'  asks ledger all doey eyed!
'i'll play with this one, and then this one, and then this one, and then this one, and then this one...'

a night out

my excited and beautiful bride- thrilled to be out of the house!
me- thrilled to be out of the house with my beautiful bride!
ledge- thrilled to be next to a lamp...

happy baby

chewin' on that tongue of yours, i see...
he looks awfully curious.  i wonder what's gotten his attention?
you little goof ball- stop pulling on dada's beard!

random ledge 10

ledger enjoying his new bigger boy car seat- now he can face forward and see mama and dada while we travel!
now thats a cool lookin' hat, little fella!
ledger rocking out with his new toy piano- certainly a mozart in the works!

runny nose

he sure loved to tear those things apart!
sure ledge, grab another one!
ah, smiles!  looks like the tissues won this round!

sick boy

though he was still happy as ever while sick, there were a lot of moments where he wouldn't want to play, he just wanted to lay there.  can't blame him there...
its ok buddy, we will get you feeling better as soon as possible!
our little guy did spend a bunch of time sleeping, trying to fight that nasty bug!  it was so sad and cute at the same time i just held him as close as i could.

cousin photo?

these two guys are only about two weeks apart and they had so much fun checking each other out!
liam would do something and ledger would just stare in wonder, then ledger would do something and liam would stare at him!  at one point ledger started bouncing up and down and liam did the same- causing the whole room to fill with laughter- these guys will certainly amuse us for years to come!
this was about as good as we eventually got- even with three cameras snapping about 45 total pictures...

uncle jeffry lee

ledger loves having an extra guy around to play with!
run, ledger, run!
jeffry lee looks a bit nervous, huh?

ledger's gifts

one of the gifts ledger got was a couple of shakers to play with... or at least to suck on!
he finally got the hang of it and started shaking it back and forth, loving the sounds it made!

2nd christmas

diana, with a little help from ledger, opens her gift.
liam, katie and jared open up to see the new pajamas that liam got from aunt gail and uncle denny.
everyone enjoying the afternoon together!
tavish delivers one of the gifts to his grandpa- what fun!

hello, cousin

'now who is this fellow?' ledger wonders...
for the first couple minutes ledger just kind of hangs back and watches to see what liam is going to do...
but eventually realizes that liam is a buddy to play with- out come the toys!

hanging at the cabin

dusty, brains, and aaron warming up in the cabin.
aaron, rex, keith, and adam chillin out.  it may look like everyone is pissed, but i promise they arent.  at least i hope they arent...
every year adam brings up his camera to catch some of the cabin fun.  here he is interviewing jeffry lee about the nights events.  one of these days he will have to edit together all the material from the past ten plus years so we can have a good laugh!

sporties spectacles

ok, this was the greatest:  when we first sat down there was a couple in the booth next to us that the waitress was helping.  the woman gave a pair of glasses back to the waitress and thanked her, apparently she had forgotten her own glasses and asked to borrow them to read the menu.  without missing a beat, aaron asked if he could use them too since he forgot his pair in the vehicle.  he then proceeded to scan the menu and eventually return them to the waitress, thanking her profusely for the help.  it wasnt until the waitress walked away that i realized how weird this was- aaron doesnt wear glasses, he was just messing with all of us!  awesome, dude!  well played...
aaron and i tried to see who could make the most baskets.  turned out my hoop counter didnt work, so i'm pretty sure he won...

pompeii pizza

the place had a mechanical motorcycle ride for the kids.  needless to say, that meant the brains was hopping on!  it was very funny to watch him try and get his leg up over it so he could ride.  he claimed that it was because his pants were tight...
tada!  he made it on after all.  i'm pretty sure that this was the highlight of his night...
it looked like fun, so i thought i'd give it a try too...

other christmas pictures

ledge, in his high chair, chowing down on a pretzel stick!
our little guy was pretty pleased with his christmas haul!
big hugs for papa- thanks for all the great gifts, papa and mema!

fun with uncle chad

ledge just wanted to spend some time with his uncle!  our boy is so used to having a camera around that when miyuki pulled out her camera, ledger turns to look and smile like an old pro.
miyuki got a turn with ledger as well- he decided to use this as an opportunity to practice his bouncing skills!
uncle chad shows off one of his prizes to ledger.  please note how ledger has his feet crossed- so cute!