sleepy turkeys 3

bubba was getting sleepy, but didnt want to admit it of course. he layed on the floor and threw a blanket over him. well, that seemed like an invitation from tweets to pester him!

tweets soon followed suit by grabbing a blanket too. this time it was aves turn to pester!

sleepy turkeys 2

as usual, the kids wanted to take turns with the camera. tweets decided she wanted to take a picture of her mom. its ok, but tweets, you are going to have to do better with light aperture if you ever want to turn pro...
bubba decided he wanted to take a picture of papa's moustache (ok, i may have given him a little suggestion on what to take a picture of...)
after getting a good laugh at taking a picture of papa's moustache, he wanted to follow it up with a picture of mine!

sleepy turkeys 1

after dinner the girls played memory at the table, diana played a little game with tweets, and jill played with aves.
bubba stopped by the table for a minute to see what all the fun was about!
aves was not at all interested in looking at the camera, but mema worked her magic- aves is powerless to resist a happy mema!

family thanks

tweets showing off her amazing dance skills!
its funny, all the toys that tim and jill have given bubba, and still his favorite are the bag of transformers i had when i was a boy!
aves decided it was time to roll around on the floor... mema even had a little treat for them, she had found a doll she used to play with when she was a girl! aves loved it!

looking good!

wear it with pride there, big guy!

perhaps aaron felt like we were not giving the sweater enough praise, so he made sure to puff up his chest and display it proudly.

thanks eve 2

jeffry lee and aaron mixing it up in the corner.
random picture of jeffry lee's forehead. he looks like some sort of creepy zombie, huh?
aw, so cute! diana looks good too... zing!
diggin' the facial hair, but you've got to stop shaving your head, man!
the happy couple, way past bed time!

thanks eve 1

freddie and i. i'm not mad, i guess i just look like it...
diana was a good sport, putting up with all of our silliness!
we obviously couldnt be bothered with actually cleaning off the table while we hung out.

another freddie shot before he left. he's been growing his hair out a bit, and i think it looks good!


the shelf is along the back wall and about as sturdy as you can get!
i repacked the egg boxes (i got those over the summer from the grocery store i worked at- very helpful!) and put them up on the shelf- now there's plenty of room for diana's bike. and my guitar, apparently...

it might still look a bit messy, but now i know where everything is!

toy soup

the idea i had for the decorations was to make a bunch of kids playing on and around different outdoor equipment. since its getting late in the fall, i decided to make the kids all bundled up in their coats, scarves, and mittens. i made a total of about twenty kids.
i looked outside at the new equipment and saw all kinds of bright colors, so i used the same colors with the equipment i made. the blue polls, yellow rails, and orange slides are fairly accurate, and they are also some of our school colors! here is a fun twisty slide that one of the kids is standing at the bottom of.
another slide with children playing by it. i made about 8 slidey things that the kids were playing around, and it filled the room nicely. they had also gotten tons of balloons for decorations around the tables themselves. it turned out quite nicely! i was even thinking ahead and had the bundled up children decorations laminated so we can use them next time we have a soup supper fundraiser!

poco on the couch

our little dog poco loves his blanket. every day he spends hours on the couch wrapped up in it. some times he will just lay on it, but usually he likes to lay inside it! its the cutest thing ever when he is digging into that blanket trying to find a way inside it. once he is inside the blanket, he always likes to poke his head out from under it to peek out and see what we are up to. it is so adorable that i am often tempted to take a picture of him poking his little head out at us! here are a few pictures of our burrowing dog making his nest and popping his head out to see what we are up to: