up boat trip 3

we made a couple bottles of different colored rocks from the shore.
some of the geological treasures diana and the girls found.
the captain makes sure his crew is ready to get back out to sea.
the happy couple... before the death storm hit.

up boat trip 2

a panorama of the beach we stopped at for lunch.
here's to you, beach boy!
aaron and i enjoying the beach!
a panorama of aaron and i on the rapids as the girls look at the rocks.
you can't tell from the photo, but this water was absolutely freezing!  it took a lot of work to build up or tolerance to the cold to even get into the rapids.
i'm pretty sure the water flowing down had been snow just hours ago...

up boat trip 1

leaving the dock.
the beautiful lighthouse on grand island.

some of the beautiful rocks we rode past.

having fun on the boat with captain levi.
the pictures don't do it justice, but the whole place was just amazingly beautiful!

chillin up style

having a blast playing levi's games and enjoying his chocolate treats as well!
aaron, in all his hilarious glory!
scavenging through the mountains of food for snacks and breakfast.  you may be asking yourself why there are dog treats among the food?  well, the guy who owned the place lived right next door and he had a beautiful golden retriever who would wander over, so barbara bought a box of treats for him at the general store...
why does diana have a blanket wrapped around her when its so warm outside?  well, because she's crazy, thats why...
aaron and i checked out the fire pit in the backyard while the ladies explored the trails behind the place.
the one part of the trip that was bad was the mosquitoes.  the place was swarming with them!  about the only solution was to wear a hoodie to keep them out of your hair and ears!  it still didn't really help...
we had a blast driving aaron's rc car around!  he even was brave enough to let me drive it for a little while- fortunately i didn't break it.  too badly...

the up beach

making a collection of cool looking rocks.  once a geology student, always a geology student!
the falls.  there are even more falls up the trail, but i didn't get the chance to check them out.
barbara finally coming back from her wandering down the shore...
my little cutie peaking around the rocks.

a bunch of butterflies really loved this spot- there were a couple hundred there just chilling out or fluttering around.
as we were sitting down for our little snack that we had brought, i came across this, and i call shenanigans, mott's.  carrots are not fruit!  this is a travesty! i cannot support this bag of food shaped lies!  shame on you mott's, shame!!!

around grand marais

heading out from the house with nicole and aaron.  everyone else was in the other car.
our first dinner together!
walking around downtown grand marais.
checking out the strange sights you can only see in grand marais...
i guess the local bank wanted to make it a little easier on any robbers- if you want to turn off the burglar alarm, its right there on the outside!
giving the whole 'park ranger' a try...

da up pad

the huge kitchen in the rental house.
the beautiful living room.
the deck behind the house.  the grill is just around the corner.
the gorgeous stairway that lead to the second and third floor where the bedrooms are.
the kitchen was just the right size to accommodate all of us.