poco's new bed

 our little sleepy stink dog livin' it up!  recently we have gotten him out of the habit of sleeping with us at night, instead he has to stay in his own bed.  surprisingly, he hasnt really put up much of a fight.  i think the reason for that is because he loves this new bed so much that he doesnt really mind!
rest up, little one!

gliding home

 the whole thing came in pieces, but fortunately the pieces were quite large and mostly assembled already.  i just needed to put the back and arm rests on.
looks nice, huh?  i'm sure diana and i will be spending a ton of time rocking back and forth in this chair trying to get our little one to fall asleep!  thanks again for the great gift!

poco pancakes

the wife and i had pancake the other day and had a little batter left over, so we made a short stack just for poco!  he loved it!

shower at the lake

the really cute cake that diana's mom and david got for us!  it looks good, and tastes good too!
the special mommy of honor, wearing her baby beads and she even has a tropical umbrella in her hair!
aunt nancy and aunt becky chat while everyone enjoys their delicious food.
the women enjoy a couple shower games after they finish their meal.
everyone watches as the special new mommy opens up all the amazing gifts we were given!

to the fun house

the party had a beach/nautical theme, so barbara went all out and ordered a bunch of fun items to go with that idea.  she had boxes with seashell designs on it, some seashell candies, lifesavers (get it?), individual goldfish cracker packets, sandal shaped bookmarks, and a few other fun beach themed items.
after all the candy was put in the boxes, it was my job to put a ribbon around them and seal them with a special sticker made just for the occasion.  it reads 'thank you for celebrating with us!  welcome baby brink!'  wow, sis thought of everything!
here are some of the finished boxes ready to be put into the cool nautical themed canvas bags.  a very clever and fun little party favor!  great idea sis, thanks for all the hard work you did with planning this shower!

co-ed shower 3

after the games and the gifts, we were able to just chill out and have a blast catching up and talking about what life will be like when the little one gets here.  carrie had a lot of great advice (and a couple horror stories that we are going to try to forget...)
oh sure, now you're wide awake, huh keith?
this is the amazing cake that carrie had made for us!  the theme for the party and for the baby's nursery is nautical, so this was a perfect touch!  in case you are wondering why it says buffalo, well keep wondering...
jeffry lee, tim, and i were involved in a pretty funny baby shower game and these are the sad remnants of the silliness!

co-ed shower 2

oh, the prizes!  it was a lovely bonus to having a baby shower with the guys.  i didnt do it just for the gifts (i promise!), but it was a nice little bonus, huh?
our first dr. seuss book!  i'm sure our little boy is going to be reading and loving those books a ton!
and this is when i made the unfortunate realization:  there are going to be a ton of dirty diapers in my future...
thanks a ton to everyone for all the amazing gifts- you guys are so awesome!

co-ed shower 1

we met up with barbara on the way and drove up together.  diana was so pleased that her sister was able to make it!
aaron and his lady nicole came to enjoy the great night.  it was the first time we got to meet her and both of us totally love her- she fit right in!
brains- always the life of the party, well at least the mouth...- and his wife allison having a great time.
getting a little thumbs up from the bro-in-law tim and my sister.
i made sure that keith wasnt aware that i was going to take a picture.  he isnt actually sleeping, he's just caught mid-blink!