green little boy

all weekend ledger was on his usual quest to find all the 'green little boy' signs that he could!  he is so obsessed with these things.  the whole weekend he asks to go on cart rides just so he can look for more green little boys around the park!  i'm starting to think maybe we should get him one of his own...
showing us how the green little boy is posed...
what?!?  a yellow little boy?!?  this totally blew his mind...

flea pancakes

opting to walk to the flea, we loaded ledger into the stroller and headed off.  he thought it was so fun to sit back and let us push him around- well, right up until we got to the flea market, then he wanted to run around and pester everyone!
waiting in line for some delicious pancakes!

the sandy memorial

mema and papa got ledger a cute little bike to try out!  he wasnt very sure of it at all.  he got on it for a minute, but his interest quickly shifted to other things.  we will try again next summer...
that little guy loved his little stethoscope!  it doesn't really work, but that didn't stop him from checking everyone's heartbeat- including his toys!
everyone having a great time at the memorial day potluck!
ledger ready to dig in to his sandwich, strawberries, and chips!
it was a smaller crowd this year, but that just gave us more time to hold nick's new baby!
sunday lunch with the family.
ledger wanting to play with ,mema's padpad.
we went to fellowship church on sunday to hear jaidey play her violin before the service.  she did a great job!